Women's quota in management is 27.8%

CRIF has investigated how the proportion of women in management and on the board of directors in Swiss companies has developed over the last ten years. The proportion of women in management in 2022 is 27.8%, compared to 23.8% ten years ago. The proportion of women on boards of directors is lower, at 23.9% today compared to 20.5% in 2012.


Canton of Aargau with highest female quota at management level

The canton of Aargau has the highest proportion of female managers at 30.5%, followed by the canton of Appenzell Ausserrhoden (29.7%) and Thurgau (29.6%). The economically strong canton of Zurich has a female quota of 29.1%.

At the bottom of the ranking is the canton of Neuchâtel with a female quota of 23.8%, followed by the canton of Zug (24.5%), Valais (24.6%), Fribourg (24.9%) and Ticino (25.2%).


Basel-City with the highest BoD quota

At 25.5%, the canton of Basel-Stadt has the highest proportion of women on its board of directors in Switzerland. It is followed by the canton of Aargau with 25.3% and the canton of Zurich with 24.9%. On the other hand, the canton of Zug has the lowest proportion of female board members at 18.9%.


Large differences between sectors

Depending on the sector, there are significant differences with regard to women in management positions. Women are most strongly represented in the veterinary sector with a share of 53.2%. In the social services sector (51.8%) and in the provision of personal services such as hairdressing and beauty salons (51.4%), there is also an above-average number of women in management positions. On the other hand, the lowest rates of women are in civil engineering (13.8%), energy supply (14.0%) and mechanical engineering (14.6%).


The survey

All persons entered in the commercial register as managers or members of the board of directors were taken into account. The year 2012 was compared with 2022 and the survey was conducted on 12 January 2023.


The complete analysis can be requested at presse.ch@crif.com



Source: CRIF

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