We invite you to participate in a new series of FEBIS sessions, again featured by and for its members!

This initiative welcomes our members to showcase a product or suite of products – enabling a better knowledge of our global network and opening up collaboration opportunities!

These presentations will be 30 minute long (20 minutes product presentation and 10 minutes for Q&A).

If you want to showcase your product and find a suitable date for your presentation, please contact




We kindly ask all participants to observe FEBIS Competition Law Compliance Guidelines hereunder available for download:

FEBIS Competition Law Compliance Guidelines
Adobe Acrobat Document 153.2 KB



 Session 1  October 11th, 2022  4pm CET  PEPData  Completed
 Session 2  October 25th, 2022  4pm CET  CreditDevice B.V.  Completed
 Session 3  November 10th, 2022  4pm CET  Worldbox  Completed
 Session 4  November 23rd, 2022  4pm CET  Credinform  Completed
 Session 5  December 1st, 2022  4pm CET  Diligencia  Completed
Session 6  January 10th, 2023  4pm CET  IGK  Completed
Session 7  February 8th, 2023  4pm CET  Editus  Completed
Session 8  February 22nd, 2023  4pm CET  Infocredit Group  Completed
Session 9  March 1st, 2023  4pm CET  Faqtum International  Completed
Session 10  March 9th, 2023  4pm CET  Rubix  Completed
Session 11  March 23rd, 2023  4pm CET  Strategic Insight  Completed
Session 12  April 11th, 2023  4pm CET  IGK  Completed
Session 13

 April 26th, 2023

 9am CET  NICE  Completed
Session 14

 May 24th, 2023

 4pm CET  Iberinform  Completed
Session 15

 June 22nd, 2023

 9am CET  CTOS  Completed