China’s economic problems create challenges and opportunities for Southeast Asia
Economy · 06. December 2023
The economic rise of China over the past four decades has influenced every corner of the globe. Today, China faces severe challenges that threaten a prolonged slowdown and could disrupt political stability within the country.

Canada passes law to create public beneficial ownership register
Economy · 21. November 2023
Beneficial ownership information is used across jurisdictions to investigate corruption and the flow of money.

Debtor Atlas Germany 2023 – Return of over-indebtedness
Economy · 15. November 2023
5.65 million citizens over-indebted / “hidden increase” in over-indebtedness / over-indebtedness ratio of 8.15 percent / trend reversal due to persistent inflation and high interest rates / recession as a driver of over-indebtedness

Changes to UK company law
Economy · 27. October 2023
In one of the most significant moments in our history, the Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Bill has become law.

3 In 10 Directors In Ireland Are Female
Economy · 04. October 2023
In Ireland today there are 304,688 active companies trading. From our latest research, this equates to 637,001 directorships. Over the past 23 years, Ireland has witnessed a noteworthy transformation in the composition of directorship positions, particularly concerning gender representation. We thought it would be interesting to look at the statistics around the difference between male and female directorship in Ireland today.

The role of Business Information Providers in Risk Management for M-SMEs
Economy · 29. September 2023
According to the last instalment of the Study on Credit Risk Management in Spain, supported by Iberinform and Atradius – Credito y Caucion, only 34% of the Spanish companies have their own credit risk committee. While this might seem odd considering the macroeconomic situation in the country and, specially, taking into consideration that in 2021, 58% of the companies participating in this study had such structures in places. More strikingly, 37% of companies do not use solvency criteria to

ESMA publishes the second Trends, Risks and Vulnerabilities (TRV) Report of 2023
Economy · 31. August 2023
The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), the EU’s financial markets regulator and supervisor, today publishes the second Trends, Risks and Vulnerabilities (TRV) Report of 2023.

How to accelerate customer onboarding in the Middle East & Africa
Economy · 22. August 2023
Undertaking KYB checks in the Middle East & Africa can be painful and slow, but a robust KYB process can help to protect your organisation. We have selected five of the most common challenges together with potential solutions for onboarding customers in the MEA region.

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Credit Risk Reporting: A Revolution in Motion
Economy · 11. August 2023
In today's technologically advanced world, Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to transform various industries, making inroads into even traditionally manual and human-centric processes.

The environmental problems facing Southeast Asia
Economy · 26. July 2023
Environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues are becoming increasingly important to companies, investors and consumers in Southeast Asia. That is why we are now including an ESG score and section in our quarterly reports. We are also publishing three articles looking at each aspect of ESG. Adrian Ashurst, CEO of Worldbox Intelligence, kicks off by looking at the latest trends in terms of the environment.

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