International buyers and real estate in Turkey: a pressure cooker
Economy · 27. September 2022
Migration is currently one of the hot topics dominating everyday Turkish discourse. Although the exact figures are unclear, Turkey may have received as many as eight million foreign nationals over the last ten years, representing a 10% increase to its population.

Vietnam is the most dynamic EdTech market in Asia
Economy · 29. August 2022
During the peak of the epidemic, most schools and educational institutions had to close, causing online learning to explode.

Inflation expectations yet to decouple from ECB target
Economy · 23. August 2022
Despite rising inflation in the eurozone, we argue it has not yet sprung loose from the ECB target in the medium term

Vietnam’s healthcare industry not affected by inflation
Economy · 29. July 2022
Despite inflation and economic recession, the healthcare industry in Vietnam is forecasted to continue to grow steadily in the coming period when the demand for medical examination and treatment, drug prices, and hospital fees all increase sharply while input costs increase at a much slower rate.

Worldbox Business Intelligence Risk Rating - July 2022
Economy · 28. July 2022
Malaysia is experiencing an unprecedented period of political turmoil. In 2018, a multi-ethnic alliance ousted the Barisan Nasional, or National Front coalition, dominated by the Malay-nationalist UMNO party that had ruled the country since independence

Crédito y Caución revises global growth forecasts downwards
Economy · 14. July 2022
The credit insurer expects global GDP growth to slow to 3.1% in 2022 and 3.0% in 2023.

The Asian financial crisis – back to the future?
Economy · 13. July 2022
The surging US dollar is prompting speculation that a repeat of the Asian financial crisis is on the cards.

Mining Asia’s silver age
Economy · 22. June 2022
An ageing demographic profile is often presented in negative terms. But while it undoubtedly presents macro-economic challenges to governments, the growing number of older people in Asian societies is also creating huge opportunities for businesses. Adrian Ashurst, CEO of Worldbox Intelligence, takes a look at the prospects for healthcare in particular.

Amount of capital reductions doubles in the first five months of 2022
Economy · 14. June 2022
The main reason for a capital reduction is to offset the impact of economic losses on equity.

Adapt to the new ways or die as the fourth industrial revolution gathers pace
Economy · 07. June 2022
Technological innovation drives economic growth, writes Adrian Ashurst, CEO of Worldbox Intelligence, and businesses will encounter a myriad of new trends in 2022 that will help drive the global economy´s recovery from the COVID-19 induced recession.

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