CRIF AG Study: Company bankruptcies up 16.2% in March in Switzerland
Economy · 09. April 2021
CRIF AG analyzed how the bankruptcies in March 2021 compared to the previous year. In March 2021, they rose for the first time to 688, an increase of 16.2%.

Economy · 07. April 2021
Diligencia has announced that access to its new State-Owned Enterprises dataset is now available on, their flagship online platform.

The UAE’s new Trust Law – keeping family wealth at home
Economy · 05. April 2021
Last month the UAE’s Ministry of Finance announced a new law that allows capital and assets to be transferred into onshore trusts. According to the ministry’s spokesman the new legislation is designed to support the wealth management sector...

Women Presence in Spanish companies
Economy · 26. March 2021
The rate of women in Boards of Directors remains unchanged since 2007 (the Gender Equality Regulation came into force that year establishing that certain companies should have at least 40% women on their boards by 2015).

Indonesia heads for economic superpower status
Economy · 25. March 2021
Although Indonesia is the world’s fourth most populous country and spans one-eighth of the globe, it has a remarkably low profile on the world stage. But that may be about to change as rapid growth propels the country towards the top of the global economic rankings, says Adrian Ashurst (President) of Worldbox Business Intelligence

Vietnam’s retail market to rebound soon
Economy · 22. March 2021
Economic experts believe that Vietnam’s retail market is going to witness a strong rebound of both supply and demand after a long period of "compression" because of the epidemic.

The world’s biggest free-trade zone should boost economic growth and investment in Southeast Asia
Economy · 16. March 2021
Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia are seen as the big winners as the trade deal encourages the construction of regional supply chains in Southeast Asia, says Adrian Ashurst President of World Box Business Intelligence.

CRIF BUERGEL study: Women´s quota  in management positions at 24.6 percent
Economy · 11. March 2021
The quota of women in management positions in Germany is currently 24.6 percent. This is shown by an evaluation published on the occasion of International Women's Day by…

CRIF Study: 25.6% of company founders are women
Economy · 07. March 2021
CRIF examined who set up new companies in 2020. In Switzerland, 67,753 people founded new companies in 2020. Of these, 74.4% were…

Iran: What next?
Economy · 06. March 2021
The Biden administration’s Iran policy and whether the US will return to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) is being seen as a key part of its foreign policy agenda for the Middle East region…

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