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EU unveils its overarching plan on Artificial Intelligence
EU Newsletter · 05. May 2021
On 21 April 2021, the EU released its long-awaited overarching plan on Artificial Intelligence.

EP adopts a resolution on the EU Data Strategy
EU Newsletter · 06. April 2021
On 25 March 2021, the European Parliament adopted in plenary session a resolution on the EU Data Strategy. This resolution stresses the importance of the EU Data Strategy which is seen as a prerequisite for the viability of European businesses and…

FEBIS Regulatory Committee
EU Newsletter · 31. March 2021
This month has also been a very active one for the FEBIS Regulatory Committee, going from filing out a FEBIS contribution to the EU Consultation on ESAP to…

EP first discussions go for shared competence between ITRE and LIBE Committees
EU Newsletter · 31. March 2021
The ITRE (Industry Committee) of the European Parliament held a first exchange of views on the EU Data Governance Act on March 18…

EDPB comments on the Data Governance Act draft calls for more stringent certification measures for data sharing service providers
EU Newsletter · 16. March 2021
The EDPB and EDPS adopted a joint opinion on the proposal for a Data Governance Act (DGA). The EDPB and EDPS consider that the EU legislator should ensure that the wording of the DGA clearly and unambiguously state that…

EFRAG publishes its reports on the revision of the Non-Financial Reporting Directive
EU Newsletter · 15. March 2021
Both reports recognise the importance of coordinating the development of EU sustainability reporting standards with existing and emerging global initiatives.

Portuguese Presidency of the Council gives first views on the EU Data Governance Act
EU Newsletter · 25. February 2021
On February 22, the Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the EU unveiled its first draft paper on the EU Data Governance Act, proposal which is currently also debated in the European Parliament

EDPS suggests including a complete ban on targeted advertising in the DSA
EU Newsletter · 22. February 2021
The Digital Services Act and the Digital Markets Act seek to provide a safe and transparent online environment, and the EDPS believes there should be “additional measures” to protect individuals online.

UK to receive adequacy decision from the EU on data protection
EU Newsletter · 19. February 2021
The EU Commission plans to deem the U.K. an "adequate" third country, meaning data can continue to flow across borders despite its exit from the EU. The decision will allow for the continued transfer of data between the EU and U.K

Council agrees its position on ePrivacy rules
EU Newsletter · 15. February 2021
On February 10th, 2021, member states agreed on a negotiating mandate for the Council on the e-privacy regulation. These updated ‘ePrivacy’ rules will define cases in which service providers are allowed to process electronic communications data or have access to data stored on end-users’ devices.

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