As a member of FEBIS you will enjoy several benefits:

  • Networking at In-person Events; through Webinars and online events; and with contacts made through mutual FEBIS membership.
  • Use of the FEBISApp to stay on top of relevant communications, consultations and stay connected to other members.
  • Access to the FEBIS web-site members’ area to review a range of relevant and usable materials exclusive to members. Plus, direct access to Blog, Videos, Member Lists and Contacts Information.
  • Access to the FEBIS Knowledge Hub, containing a wealth of useful and topical information on a wide range of Industry focused topics. Your chance to learn and contribute to the Hub for others to learn.
  • Opportunity to participate in the FEBIS Regulatory Committee, comprising experts in all fields with a shared interest to keep track and respond to the actions of Regulators and Legislators relevant to our Industry. This could include Consultations, White Papers, and other Actions or Activities at EU, Regional, or Market level that are relevant, impactful and in scope.
  • Member Brand recognition on the website and the opportunity to present or be a panellist at FEBIS Events to promote your views and impart your knowledge.
  • Under the banner of FEBIS, your opportunity to comment and contribute to topical Industry materials being published on social media. Specifically, an opportunity to promote news within your Business or Market on the FEBIS LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Code of Conduct:

Members of FEBIS are subject to the FEBIS Code of Conduct and members are allowed to use the FEBIS logo in their own




According to the FEBIS Statutes, a company applying for membership to FEBIS must comply with the following conditions:

  • ) Have a sound financial position.
  • ) Have Management of good repute.
  • ) Agree to accept the Statutes of FEBIS and all resolutions passed by FEBIS.
  • ) Obligations to be registered.
  • ) The company must have been actively trading for, at least 2 years.
  • ) Activity of national coverage in the country concerned.
  • ) FEBIS members are not bound to any specific branch or branches of industry or business nor are we merely engaged in buying and selling reports.


If you are interested in becoming a member, please fill in the application form in the Join FEBIS section.