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Fear of cash flow disruptions in Vietnam
Country report · 31. May 2022
The positive credit growth in the first months of the year is an important signal, reflecting the recovery process of the economy. However, there are still concerns about credit control, tightening and the risk of cash flow disruption from businesses.

ICAP CRIF Study "40 Top Sectors of the Greek Economy"
Country report · 25. May 2022
In its analysis, ICAP CRIF shows that estimates for the country’s macroeconomic performance are positive for 2022; however, the current developments at an international level are expected to weaken the growth rate of the Greek economy by 1-1.5 percentage points compared to the initial forecasts.

Thailand’s surprising economic bounce back from the pandemic
Country report · 24. May 2022
Tourism, long a key driver of the Thai economy, is unlikely to recover for years.

Worldbox Business Intelligence Risk Rating - Laos
Country report · 05. May 2022
Laos has experienced relatively high levels of political stability for nearly 50 years, following the end of the Indochina conflict in 1975 and the takeover of the communist Pathet Lao movement.

Worldbox Business Intelligence Risk Rating - Cambodia
Country report · 06. April 2022
Cambodia has enjoyed political stability since the late 1990s and there is little indication that this will change in the foreseeable future.

Worldbox Business Intelligence Risk Rating - Brunei
Country report · 28. March 2022
Brunei is one of the last absolute, albeit benevolent, monarchies in the world.

Worldbox Business Intelligence Risk Rating - Philippines
Country report · 09. March 2022
One of the most dynamic economies in the region, the Philippines was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, but growth is now recovering strongly.

Worldbox Business Intelligence Risk Rating - Vietnam
Country report · 28. February 2022
There are few obvious challenges to Vietnam’s continuing political stability.

Worldbox Business Intelligence Risk Rating - Myanmar
Country report · 14. February 2022
Political risk in Myanmar remains at elevated levels following the 1 February 2021 military coup that ousted Aung San Suu Kyi’s elected government.

Worldbox Business Intelligence  Country Risk Rating  - Thailand
Country report · 02. February 2022
Political uncertainty remains at high levels in Thailand.

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