Women in BI

The FEBIS community is a reflection of the global information industry. As such it is also a reflection of the world that we live in. All members are equal and we embrace the many differences, experiences and knowledge of all of you. Not only as part of the strength of our industry network, but also as a responsibility to all the members and staff of our growing global business community. We want to make a positive statement and embrace gender equality. It is within this context that we are happy to present our new series of videos ‘Women in BI’. In these videos women in managing positions will share with us not only their path through the industry but, most importantly, their experience in life and in business.


Meeting FEBIS

Short insights by its board members

Adrian Ashurst / Wolfgang Keusgen

Mark Preston / Luis Carmona

Fabio Lazzarini / Enrique Fernandez / Ines Maccari

Daniel Morin / Gertjan Kaart / Sven Buckenberger

Members Testimonials

Our longest standing member, Peter Juel-Berg from Marketsoft in Denmark, takes us through the main developments of our Industry and our Federation over the past 30 years.

One of our newest and youngest members, Josué Mateus from Infotrust in Portugal, shares his analysis, insights and experiences in FEBIS as an association and the industry as a whole from the perspective of a family owned business.

In the latest FEBIS interview, Mladen Boras from the company Pro Kolekt in Croatia, shares his views and experience as a relatively recent member within FEBIS.

FEBIS members are present worldwide! In this video we can listen to Eduardo Garcia, Business Developer at Safety Report, one of our members located in Peru.

Although we could not hold our usual FEBIS Spring meeting due to the exceptional pandemic situation, where we had planned another type of farewell activity….


We cannot let go the opportunity to share with you all the interview with Marc Willems from Atradius in The Netherlands, who is retiring this year (2020)!


Mark has been a faithful participant of our Spring event since 2008 and will be missed in the next ones!


Cheers Mark, and enjoy this new chapter of your life!