Informative Sessions

On 13 June 2023, the Commission presented a proposal on a Regulation on transparency and integrity of ESG rating activities, as part of its renewed sustainable finance strategy, launched in 2021. The proposal aims to improve the reliability, comparability and transparency of ESG ratings. More specifically, it aims to enhance the quality of information about ESG ratings, by improving transparency of ESG ratings characteristics and methodologies.

Ratings though, will be caught regardless of how they are badged (i.e. whether they are called “ratings” “scores” or anything else). Hence to better understand possible implications for our industry, we are pleased to invite you to an informative session on the ESG Ratings and Sustainability Risks commission proposal.

It becomes important to understand the ratio behind the ESG proposal and the scope of its applications, therefore this session will cover the following points:

  • The assessment of the scope and definitions on the ESG proposal
  • An insight on the negotiation phase in the Council and European Parliament and the timeline for the next steps
  • Interactive Q&A session

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