Due to the rapid advancement of technology within the past few years, more and more technologies have become popular because of what they can do. However, one may ask how these technologies are designed and implemented - this Webinar will explain the idea behind Artificial Intelligence (AI) and what falls within the scope of AI.


With the given theoretical knowledge, participants will be able to comprehend how AI is designed and implemented within the current technologically advanced societies.


The session is designed to give a clear understanding of the topic with simple terms and a coherent structure.  Participants will also understand how AI could benefit their industry.  They will also comprehend the key driving forces for using AI in their business. 



  • To understand what Artificial Intelligence is (AI), how it works and the benefits that it brings
  • To comprehend the topic of Machine Learning (ML)
  • To understand how AI transforms businesses
  • To understand some of the possibilities of using AI technology in the Business Services Industry


Target audience:


This course is designed for FEBIS members and non-members who wish to learn the fundamentals of AI technology.

About our Speaker:


Christiana Aristidou - Short Biography


Christiana Aristidou is an industry expert and thought leader who stands above subject-matter expertise and is an authority in her field.


Christiana is a Business Technology Lawyer, CEO of “The Hybrid LawTech Firm”, empowered by Christiana Aristidou LLC, regulated by the Cyprus Bar Association (membership since 1997). She is the Director of SmartCity Business, a company that aims to create smart laws and business models that can be used by smart cities to assess what value they offer citizens by integrating ICT and emerging technologies into their infrastructure and services, enabling the acceleration of change from smart cities to smart societies. She is also a non-executive Director of Rhea Legal Tech, a company that offers AI, machine learning and automation solutions to the legal, regulatory and supervisory industries.


Read More: https://www.linkedin.com/in/christiana-aristidou/