Mission, Vision and Purpose


The FEBIS Mission is to promote the Commercial Information Industry and to support the needs and interests of business information providers and associated service providers for their customers worldwide.

Through information and analytics FEBIS members facilitate commercial trade typically focussed on B2B credit that develops existing and creates new commercial relationships.


FEBIS will build and support the most comprehensive and inclusive member network of business information providers and associated service providers, to help its members to connect and be informed of key activities and developments within the Industry that are material and beneficial.


  • Facilitate business networking between members worldwide, both in-person and virtually.
  • Plan and run Events and Webinars on a regular basis that are topical, relevant and informative for members, and constantly seek feedback to ensure ongoing expansion and improvement to these.
  • Represent and support members and our key stakeholders by operating a Regulatory Committee to review key activity and to champion and promote the Business Information Industry with Regulators and Legislators.
  • Create and Develop industry collateral and make this available to members. Specifically create a Knowledge Hub on the FEBIS website covering a range of topics of current material interest and benefit to the membership.
  • Extend the depth and experience of FEBIS members by reaching out to new jurisdictions, related industries and new functions connected to our Mission and Vision.