FEBIS participates in the EFRAG conference on “Where is corporate reporting heading”
FEBIS · 14. December 2022
This event leaned on valuable insights on corporate reporting and challenges and opportunities lying ahead, especially with the fresh adoption of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), in November 2022 which will make businesses more publicly accountable by obliging them to regularly disclose information on their societal and environmental impact.

EU-US Executive Order on Data Transfers issued
FEBIS · 27. October 2022
A new legal mechanism to allow for transfers of personal data between the EU and the U.S. is now advancing after an October 7th, 2022 Executive Order was issued by U.S. President Biden (the “Executive Order”).

FEBIS reaches 150 Members
FEBIS · 17. August 2022
We are happy to welcome our 150th member - with every new member our federation becomes stronger.

China’s Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL)
FEBIS · 07. October 2021
On November 1st, 2021, China’s Personal Information Protection Law, known as PIPL comes into force.

FEBIS Regulatory Committee
FEBIS · 01. October 2021
Summer recess has not exactly been totally quiet in the regulatory front and the FEBIS regulatory committee is going on with a very vast agenda and roadmap of important EU issues that are followed.

FEBIS New Code of Conduct
FEBIS · 28. September 2021
FEBIS members have unanimously approved a new Code of Conduct during our recent General Assembly.

FEBIS Secretary General
FEBIS · 24. September 2021
During FEBIS 2021 General Assembly the 23rd of September, Daniel Francis Morin announced his retirement from our Federation, where he held the position of Secretary General over the last 6 years.

FEBIS · 23. September 2021
We are pleased to announce the election of the FEBIS Executive Board during the General Assembly held today, September 23rd, 2021.

FEBIS Contribution to the consultation on the draft EU Data Act – Sept 3, 2021
FEBIS · 08. September 2021
n Sept 3, 2021, FEBIS submitted its comments on the EU consultation on the draft Data Act.

US Tech calls on focused measures on the DSA while some Member States pledge for European Data Sovereignty
FEBIS · 08. March 2021
In a letter unveiled on March 3, the US Tech representative organisation CCIA is urging the European Parliament and Member States to focus on getting a global European approach in the DSA, rather than national initiatives.

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