Market Monitor

Is the middle class running out of steam?
Market Monitor · 25. October 2023
Constricted by bureaucracy, unsettled by the economy and paralyzed by rising costs - Creditreform's current analysis of the economic situation and financing in medium-sized businesses shows very clearly: Companies in Germany are looking bleakly into the near future. They spend a lot of time and energy trying to cope with the general conditions instead of investing resources in further development. How long can this last?

Vietnam’s insurance market to see double-digit growth in 2022
Market Monitor · 01. April 2022
Vietnam's insurance market is considered to be potential with low penetration rates and average premiums. In addition, the number of life insurance policyholders is only about 10 million, equivalent to about 10% of the population. This ratio is expected to increase to 15% by 2025 by the Ministry of Finance.

AI and data, towards more responsibilities...
Market Monitor · 30. April 2021
For a few decades, the data market has been exploding and represent a real keystone in today’s marketing and commercial actions.

Market Monitor · 13. May 2020
Companies ‘Against the wind’: it is essential that the component that drives the country manages not to lose momentum. If there was a retreat the damage would be incalculable. ‘Against the wind’, how companies can navigate in a time of emergency Coronavirus? This is the research presented by Nomisma and CRIF; a study able to identify some structural factors that ensure companies a greater propensity to competitiveness such as geographical location, the size of the company, belonging to...
Market Monitor · 13. May 2020
A recent study produced by CRIF Ratings about financial impact coming from lockdown related to Covid-19 on Italian industries shows that 44% of SME is facing current scenario starting from an overall situation with a poor liquidity with few rooms in dealing an emergency situation. In particular, specifically in cyclical industries, current crisis could have a very high impact. Food Industry is showing very good results due to a rise record related to expenses for food. In this period, Italians...
Market Monitor · 15. January 2019
In general, the food sector continues to perform reasonably well, with a stable or even good credit risk situation in many countries. Despite increased uncertainties from rising trade disputes, food markets have so far remained relatively stable, due to generally good supply conditions across most commodities. That said, in the context of heightened food import bills food markets remain vulnerable, with issues such as commodity price volatility, health issues and weather always difficult to ...