AI and data, towards more responsibilities...


For a few decades, the data market has been exploding and represent a real keystone in today’s marketing and commercial actions. However, it may also represent some limits especially in terms of responsibility and on ethic levels.


Data has become a real tool and a real product used by each and every one to improve a business through the exploitation of people’s privacy. And here the limits are where the responsibility of companies steps in. The data exploitation comes along with the booming of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Companies have to find a real balance between protecting and managing the data while being submitted to a massive digitalization of the data power.


Ellisphere’s article is about the combination of both AI and data regarding the companies’ responsibilities, GAFAM, algorithms, and the protection of privacy. Data and AI are tools that have to fit into a constantly evolving world, internationally oriented and more and more regulated. Find out more on how to optimize these tools to not cross limits and avoid threats they may represent by clicking here.


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