Code of conduct


FEBIS Members shall conduct business lawfully and comply with all relevant legislation and judicial decisions. The Members undertake to trade fairly and responsibly and behave at all times with integrity towards both its clients and suppliers. FEBIS members will provide adequate training for its staff, bringing to their attention the principles of these Codes and requiring them to carry out their duties in full accordance with these principles.


Membership of FEBIS is dependent on:


        a sound financial situation

        a good commercial reputation

        compliance with all laws relating to the ownership and operation of the applicant’s business

        at least two years of operational trading

Laws and Ethical Standard

The Member undertakes to comply with all laws applicable to the business. The Member undertakes to support the principles of the United Nations Global Compact, the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights as well as the 1998 International Labour Organization Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, in accordance with national laws and practice.


This especially applies to:


        Child Labor

        Forced Labor

        Compensation and Working Hours

        Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining


Health & Safety

The Member undertakes to meet required standards of occupational health and safety regulations through the application of a health and safety management approach, appropriate for the business. This is to provide a work environment that is safe; preserves the welfare of employees; and safeguards third parties in order to prevent accidents, injuries and work-related illness. This includes regular workplace risk assessments and the implementation of adequate hazard control and precautionary measures. Employees are to be adequately educated and trained in health and safety issues.

Data Protection and Disclosure of Information

The Member undertakes to adhere to relevant National and International data protection and security laws, in particular in regard to the personal data of companies, customers, consumers and employees. The Member undertakes to comply with all said requirements when personal data is collected, processed, transmitted or used.


Members shall therefore:


        take account of any overriding interests of the data subject and the interests of the data recipient

        respect the confidentiality of sources providing data

        take appropriate measures to protect personal data against unauthorized alteration, disclosure or access and against unlawful methods of use

        respect the principle of transparency in our activities where appropriate and in line with statutes


        correct, suppress or delete incorrect or inappropriate data at the request of the concerned party (after completing all the necessary double-checking to ensure the accuracy of the changes asked) or independently when inaccuracy or irrelevance is noticed

Bribery and Corruption


The Member undertakes to comply with all national and international anti-bribery regulations as well as applicable anti-corruption laws, regulations and standards. The Member shall not (either directly or indirectly) offer or promise to provide anything of significant and/or inappropriate value to improperly influence any party including Government Officials that is intended to secure an improper advantage to obtain or retain business. 

Trade Regulation The member undertakes to comply with all applicable trade and import regulations including sanctions and embargoes that apply to their activities.
Money Laundering & Financial Records

The Member undertakes to comply with applicable laws and regulations designed to combat money laundering activities.


The Member shall maintain financial records and reports according to international laws and regulations.