Germany is standing still
Economy · 20. February 2024
War and crises have weakened economies worldwide - especially those of industrialized nations. While Europe and the USA are slowly recovering, Germany is lagging behind.

EU AI Act: a bittersweet ending
EU Newsletter · 16. February 2024
In total, 1004 days after the European Commission has presented the #AIAct on Wednesday, 21 April 2021, the last technical meeting concluded the legislative negotiations on Friday, 19 January 2024.

Anti-money laundering - one step closer the final approval agreement
EU Newsletter · 15. February 2024
On the 12 and 13 February 2024, the texts of the provisional political agreements were presented and approved by the Member States representatives in the Committee of Permanent Representatives ("COREPER").

Learning and achievements from 2023; Inspiration for 2024
Economy · 12. February 2024
"The AI revolution will continue to transform the business landscape, and hence companies that harness the power of AI and automation will thrive."

Worldbox Business Intelligence Risk Rating - Singapore
Economy · 02. February 2024
Singapore is one of Southeast Asia’s most stable and prosperous countries. The electoral and legal framework allows for some political pluralism, but constrains the activities of opposition parties and limits freedoms of expression, assembly, and association.

Growth in Irish start-ups recorded in 2023
Economy · 31. January 2024
Ireland recorded a surge in start-ups in 2023, with nearly 950 new companies registered last year

Interview with Luis Carmona, International Manager at INFORMA and Vice-president at FEBIS (Federation of Business Information Services)

Top 25 Fraud Trends of 2023
Economy · 25. January 2024
Fraud seems to be up by 30% and steady year over year, while fraudsters continue to adapt and evolve their tactics to stay ahead of detection and prevention measures.

New special economic zone in Malaysia to power growth and economic integration with Singapore
Economy · 23. January 2024
The agreement between Malaysia and Singapore to establish a special economic zone (SEZ) in Malaysia’s Johor state, which lies across the Johor Strait from Singapore, could help turbocharge growth on both sides of the border, argues Adrian Ashurst, CEO of Worldbox Intelligence.

CRIF AG Study: record of new businesses and slightly fewer bankruptcies in Switzerland
Economy · 17. January 2024
51,637 new companies were founded in 2023. That’s more than ever before, and bankruptcy openings have fallen slightly, but not in all industries.

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