Economy · 07. May 2021
Zombie companies are those that cannot cover their financial costs with their results.

EU unveils its overarching plan on Artificial Intelligence
EU Newsletter · 05. May 2021
On 21 April 2021, the EU released its long-awaited overarching plan on Artificial Intelligence.

Over-Stated? The prevalence of State ownership in the MENA region
Economy · 04. May 2021
The rise of sovereign wealth funds (SWFs) in the Gulf and the wider MENA region has drawn attention to the significant role that governments play in regional economies via State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs).

AI and data, towards more responsibilities...
Market Monitor · 30. April 2021
For a few decades, the data market has been exploding and represent a real keystone in today’s marketing and commercial actions.

Why is it risky to invest in Vietnam’s stock market?
Economy · 30. April 2021
Compared to that of developed countries in the world, Vietnam's stock market is almost in its infancy.

Sureties vs Guarantees
Economy · 29. April 2021
A number of Debtsource clients have over the past months queried with us what the difference is between a surety and guarantee…

Members News · 15. April 2021
The CEO of Limassol based business intelligence company Cedar Rose joins CIBA

CRIF AG Study: Company bankruptcies up 16.2% in March in Switzerland
Economy · 09. April 2021
CRIF AG analyzed how the bankruptcies in March 2021 compared to the previous year. In March 2021, they rose for the first time to 688, an increase of 16.2%.

Creditinfo’s new KYC tool allows affordable background checks of international business partners
Members News · 09. April 2021
Creditinfo is the first company in Estonia to bring the shared KYC utility “Know Your Client” to the market.

Economy · 07. April 2021
Diligencia has announced that access to its new State-Owned Enterprises dataset is now available on ClarifiedBy.com, their flagship online platform.

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