Artificial Intelligence Act adopted

Yesterday, the EU Parliament approved the Artificial Intelligence Act, that aims to establish a comprehensive regulatory framework for artificial intelligence systems within the European Union.


The key elements of the proposed regulation include a risk-based approach, specific requirements for high-risk AI systems, prohibitions on certain AI practices, and an emphasis on transparency and accountability.


As for the next steps, the agreement in trilogue will have to be adopted by the Council before the text is published in the Official Journal of the EU.


AI can efficiently process and analyze vast amounts of data. This is particularly beneficial for business information providers dealing with large datasets, enabling to extract valuable insights, trends, and patterns, while contributing to improved data accuracy by minimizing errors associated with data entry and processing.


FEBIS will welcome Kai Zenner (Head of Office and Digital Policy Adviser for MEP Axel Voss in the European Parliament 'Expert advising the UN Secretary-General’s 'High-Level Advisory Body on AI') at our upcoming Spring Meeting to hear directly from him on this topic and will continue to monitor and inform on any relevant further developments.



The text is available here



Source: European Parliament News

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