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Late Payments
Economy · 20. January 2023
Results indicate that the Late Payment Directive has been associated with higher cash flow in firms that were experiencing longer time to collect their credits in the past.

Worldbox Business Intelligence Risk Rating - Singapore (January 2023)
Economy · 17. January 2023
Singapore remains one of the most stable countries in the world.

EU Commission adopts the Implementing Act on High-Value Datasets
EU Newsletter · 05. January 2023
On company and company ownership information, the text of the Annex promotes access to datasets containing basic company identification

What is KYC?
Economy · 30. November 2022
We do not let strangers into our homes without confirming who they are, and airports don’t allow us entry without valid identity proof. In the same way, businesses and banks should not transact with an unknown counterparty, and the only way to familiarise themselves with a new business partner or customer is through the Know Your Customer (KYC) process.

Fynhaus & Diligencia announce strategic partnership for Africa & the Middle East
Members News · 17. November 2022
Fynhaus, an advanced compliance and payment messaging solution provider, has entered into a partnership agreement with Diligencia, a leading provider of corporate intelligence and due diligence solutions in the Middle East and Africa (MEA).

Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive: EU adopts new reporting rules on ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance)
EU Newsletter · 16. November 2022
All large companies in the EU will have to disclose data on the impact of their activities on people and the planet and any sustainability risks they are exposed to.

FEBIS participation in the ICCR (International Committee on Credit Report) Plenary Meeting
Partners · 15. November 2022
ICCR is the International Committee on Credit Reporting, part of the World Bank Group, and FEBIS is a member of this important Committee.

Vietnam to fall into the processing and assembly trap
Economy · 03. November 2022
Vietnam may be deeply trapped in the processing and assembly trap, which may put the country in a disadvantageous position in the global supply chain due to its limited technology and labor quality.

EU-US Executive Order on Data Transfers issued
FEBIS · 27. October 2022
A new legal mechanism to allow for transfers of personal data between the EU and the U.S. is now advancing after an October 7th, 2022 Executive Order was issued by U.S. President Biden (the “Executive Order”).

Worldbox Business Intelligence Risk Rating - September 2022 - Myanmar
Economy · 10. October 2022
The military’s grip on the country appears under serious threat for the first time since it took control of the country in 1962. A rebel insurgency and campaign of civil disobedience has been gaining strength since the 1 February 2021 military coup that ousted Aung San Suu Kyi’s elected government.

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