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Experian expands cooperation with Intrum Switzerland to grow its DACH business
Strategic alliances · 24. January 2022
Experian is expanding its strategic partnership with Intrum Switzerland and thus extending its commitment in the DACH region. Intrum clients in Switzerland now benefit from business information from Germany and Austria, enabling them to tap into additional target groups within the DACH region.

Over 200,000 ghost companies in Switzerland
Economy · 21. October 2021
CRIF has investigated how many of the businesses entered into the Commercial Register are economically active and how many of these businesses are ghost companies.

CRIF Study: 25.6% of company founders are women
Economy · 07. March 2021
CRIF examined who set up new companies in 2020. In Switzerland, 67,753 people founded new companies in 2020. Of these, 74.4% were…

Overall business portfolio grew by 2.8% in 2020
Economy · 05. February 2021
CRIF AG has looked at the changes occurring in the business portfolio during 2020. In spite of the coronavirus pandemic, the number of companies operating in Switzerland grew by 2.8% (compared with 2.3% in 2019). This growth can be attributed to an increase of around 5% in the number of new start-ups.

Experian expands business in Switzerland
Members News · 22. January 2021
The international information services provider Experian is expanding its presence in the DACH region, with the establishment of Experian Switzerland AG, which is based in Opfikon near Zurich. For Experian, this is...

Economy · 09. October 2020
CRIF AG has looked at how many new businesses were established in the 3rd quarter and how many companies went out of business. All in all, 11,682 companies were set up in Switzerland during

Economy · 07. July 2020
Zurich, 2nd July 2020 – 10,539 new businesses were set up in the 2nd quarter of 2020, which represents a decline of 5.3% compared with the previous year. Ticino and Geneva suffered declines of 22% and 21% respectively, but a record total of 4486 company start-ups were also reported in June. CRIF AG has looked at how many new businesses were established in the 2nd quarter and how many companies went out of business. All in all, 11,413 companies were set up in Switzerland during this time. This...

Economy · 26. March 2020
Introduction According to the KOF Swiss Institute of Business Cycle Research at ETH Zurich, investment in construction represents about 10% of Switzerland’s gross domestic product. A particular feature of this industry is that the upfront expenditure largely comes from inside the country, and that any fluctuations probably exert a more profound effect on the economic position of other industrial sectors. How is the situation in the construction sector in detail? CRIF has taken a look and...

Economy · 13. February 2020
Press Release CRIF STUDY ON THE DEMISE OF SHOPS IN SWITZERLAND – JUST UNDER 32,000 SHOPS HAVE DISAPPEARED IN THE PAST 10 YEARS Zurich, 10th December 2019 – Since 2009, almost 32,000 stores in Switzerland have had to close, most of them clothing stores. The canton of Ticino is showing the highest growth in retail sales, while most cantons are recording a declining number of stores. 31,394 shops have disappeared in Switzerland since 2009, with the highest number going out of business in 2011...