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Infocredit Group Proud Exhibitor Sponsor of ICA Future of FinCrime and Compliance Summit
Members News · 15. May 2024
Infocredit Group is excited to announce its sponsorship of the ICA Future of FinCrime and Compliance Summit, hosted by the ICA association, which is a premier event where senior compliance and financial crime prevention leaders convene to address new and emerging risks.

The mood in German medium-sized businesses is in the basement
Economy · 30. April 2024
The mood of medium-sized businesses in Germany deteriorated further in spring 2024. This is shown by the current study by Creditreform Wirtschaftsforschung from Neuss, for which around 1,250 small and medium-sized companies were surveyed.

Creditsafe expanding to Austria
Members News · 29. April 2024
Vienna, 29. April 2024: Creditsafe, the world's most used provider of credit and business information, announces the opening of its new entity in Austria.

Late payment issues worsening in global supply chains, Taulia data reveals
Economy · 11. April 2024
The proportion of global suppliers affected by late payments has risen dramatically in the past two years, Taulia research shows, with a growing number of firms reporting delays of more than 45 days.

Trilogue agreement on European Digital Identity adopted
EU Newsletter · 28. March 2024
On 26 March, the Council of the EU adopted the trilogue agreement on the framework on the European Digital Identity. The revised regulation constitutes a clear paradigm shift for digital identity in Europe.

Switzerland: a look at the market
Economy · 27. March 2024
Switzerland, officially the Swiss Confederation, is a landlocked country located in west-central Europe.

Approved the draft report on the proposal for a Late Payments regulation
EU Newsletter · 21. March 2024
The Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection (IMCO) approved the draft report on the proposal for a Late Payments regulation (LPR).

FEBIS welcomes Credilink Limited as a new Member
Members News · 18. March 2024
Credilink Limited is a fintech startup operating in the Business Information and Intelligence industry while focusing on data analytics and credit information services.

German craftsmanship has rotten soil
Economy · 15. March 2024
It was only a short interim high - in 2022 after the corona pandemic, the economy in Germany got going again. But with the outbreak of war in Ukraine, all hopes of a lasting recovery had to be buried.

Artificial Intelligence Act adopted
EU Newsletter · 14. March 2024
The EU Parliament approved the Artificial Intelligence Act, that aims to establish a comprehensive regulatory framework for artificial intelligence systems within the European Union.

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