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CreditDevice obtains official status as a Chamber of Commerce service provider
Members News · 13. December 2023
CreditDevice and the Chamber of Commerce (KVK) recently concluded an important agreement to improve the balance between protecting the privacy of registered companies in the Trade Register and legal certainty for entrepreneurs. This official partnership agreement, which was ratified on Friday, December 1, marks CreditDevice as an authorized service provider.

EUROPEAN PAYMENT STUDY 2020 - Payment delays of European companies continue to rise.
Economy · 07. February 2021
Following this study, the Average Payment Delay (AMD) in 2020 for 9 European countries in our analysis has worsened because of the effects of COVID-19 crisis on payments.

Members News · 26. November 2020
The Association for B2B Business Information is starting a lawsuit against the Chamber of Commerce (KVK) for an unlawful claim on database right, which threatens to undermine the legally protected right to reuse trade register information.