CreditDevice obtains official status as a Chamber of Commerce service provider

CreditDevice and the Chamber of Commerce (KVK) recently concluded an important agreement to improve the balance between protecting the privacy of registered companies in the Trade Register and legal certainty for entrepreneurs. This official partnership agreement, which was ratified on Friday, December 1, marks CreditDevice as an authorized service provider.


Striving for improved privacy and legal certainty


The renewed collaboration between CreditDevice and the Chamber of Commerce brings about a new phase in their partnership, with the main aim of safeguarding the privacy interests of registered companies and legal certainty for entrepreneurs even more effectively. To be recognized as a service provider of the Chamber of Commerce, organizations must meet strict conditions that guarantee privacy and legal certainty. These requirements include ISO certification, ensuring the privacy of non-public data, regularly conducting privacy impact assessments and clearly identifying sources in their services and products.


Requirements and recognition as a service provider


As a recognized service provider, CreditDevice has exclusive access to the latest services of the Chamber of Commerce, including the real-time mutation service that will be available from December. This service ensures that CreditDevice is immediately informed of changes in the Trade Register, such as name changes, changes in legal form, and new registrations or deregistrations. These real-time updates significantly contribute to data quality and legal certainty for CreditDevice's customers, which is a significant improvement over previous delays in receiving such information.



Source: CreditDevice NL 

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