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Informa D&B acquires 50 % of Artificial Intelligence company DAIL Software
Members News · 15. December 2021
This purchase is part of the company's 2021-2024 Strategic Plan, which aims to modernise its range of products and services, making available to its users the latest Artificial Intelligence technologies for the processing of information and the automation of decision-making.

Economy · 09. September 2021
INFORMA has published the 8th edition of its Business Payment Behaviour analysis, which includes an analysis of the payment situation in 2020 both in Spain and worldwide, the evolution of the relevant legislation and the results of an opinion survey on late payments.

Economy · 07. May 2021
Zombie companies are those that cannot cover their financial costs with their results.

FEBIS welcomes DataCentric
Members News · 05. April 2021
DataCentric has over 25 years of experience in building data solutions centred in the customer, technology and information.

Women Presence in Spanish companies
Economy · 26. March 2021
The rate of women in Boards of Directors remains unchanged since 2007 (the Gender Equality Regulation came into force that year establishing that certain companies should have at least 40% women on their boards by 2015).

EUROPEAN PAYMENT STUDY 2020 - Payment delays of European companies continue to rise.
Economy · 07. February 2021
Following this study, the Average Payment Delay (AMD) in 2020 for 9 European countries in our analysis has worsened because of the effects of COVID-19 crisis on payments.

Spanish Business Demographics in 2020
Economy · 26. January 2021
The health crisis caused by COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the Spanish business demographics of 2020. As a consequence, the key indicators used in this study recorded atypical levels.

axesor, one of Spain's leading business information companies becomes part of Experian
Members News · 11. January 2021
Axesor Conocer Para Decidir, S.A. (“Axesor”) as well as its subsidiary Axesor Business Process Outsourcing, S.L. have been acquired by Experian, the global information services company.

Economy · 05. November 2020
This pandemic and the restrictions to contain it have achieved what the passing of the years and other crises have failed to do for many century-old and historic bars: their closure. September brought about a 78% increase in the number of bankruptcies in the hotel and catering industry. Furthermore, this loss cannot be compensated for by entrepreneurial activity, which has not only…