Informa D&B acquires 50 % of Artificial Intelligence company DAIL Software


This company provides specialised solutions to solve problems related to data processing by optimising and streamlining processes.


Informa D&B has announced the acquisition of 50% of the Artificial Intelligence company Dail Software. Its investment in the project is €3,250,000. 


This purchase is part of the company's 2021-2024 Strategic Plan, which aims to modernise its range of products and services, making available to its users the latest Artificial Intelligence technologies for the processing of information and the automation of decision-making.


Dail Software is a company specialised in the development of corporate applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP), which emerged 10 years ago in the university world (Polytechnic University of Madrid).


Its products and services offer solutions to solve problems related to data processing (structured or unstructured, language-independent or not), optimising and streamlining business processes, thereby reducing response times and saving costs.


Both Informa D&B and its subsidiary CTI Soluciones will market Dail Software's products, which include several applications for the intelligent capture and classification of documents and their data (Public Tenders, Simple Reports, Grants, etc.) as well as tracking of social networks and media for opinion analysis and customer service in real time. 


In the words of Juan Sainz, CEO of Informa D&B: "The acquisition of Dail Software will mean a qualitative leap to offer solutions to companies with real content within what is called "Digital Transformation". The cost savings derived from the introduction of automated intelligence in business processes is very important, allowing companies to reach more places, more cheaply and in less time. The introduction of what is called Hybrid Artificial Intelligence as a synergy between human and artificial intelligence, gives organisations a power never known before".


The great differential advantage of Dail Software is its approach in the automated processing of natural language with technologies ranging from Natural Language Understanding to Natural Language Generation, reaching some of the highest accuracy figures in the market when it comes to the Spanish language. It also has the capacity to study and solve specific problems for companies that require versatile and in-depth knowledge.


Jesús Cardeñosa, founder of Dail Software, points out that: "Although Artificial Intelligence is constantly talked about, there are more people talking about it than actually working with it. Dail offers many years of experience, a solid training of its team members and a rigorous approach to work methodologies to incorporate AI in companies without trauma, in a natural way. INFORMA's entry into the company will serve to accelerate its growth and make the most of its knowledge of the Spanish market".


Dail Software is a national and international reference, as the main promoter of the UNESCO Chair on the use of technology for multilingualism (TECLIN). It has a team of engineers and linguists with deep scientific, technical and industrial experience in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, PLN, Linguistics and Machine Translation.


Source: Informa

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