67% of companies never apply late payment interest

Only 13% of companies begin their recovery actions when invoices expire.


May 28, 2024. Madrid


Time is the biggest enemy of effectiveness in debt recovery. However, only 13% of Spanish companies initiate recovery actions when the invoice expires, according to the Study of Credit Risk Management in Spain promoted by Crédito y Caución and Iberinform. This is one of the lowest percentages in the historical series, an indication that companies are reacting to the liquidity tensions of their clients by delaying the start of recovery actions so as not to deteriorate the commercial relationship.


Collection management

When do you consider a credit sale to be in default?

The delay in recovery actions implies a deterioration in the effectiveness of the recovery. Despite this, the study reflects great flexibility in recovery periods, as part of the commercial relationship. 32% of companies allow their customers payment delays of more than 90 days before considering a delinquent loan.


Collection management

Do you charge interest for late payment?

When recovery actions begin, the vast majority of companies waive the collection of late payment interest. 67% of companies, the highest percentage in the historical series, never apply them and only 4% are systematic when exercising their right. The tightening of monetary policy by the European Central Bank has caused default interest rates for commercial operations, which between 2016 and 2022 were set at 8%, to increase to 12.5% in the first half 2024. The rise in this official indicator does not, however, have a translation into the real economy: according to the Study prepared by Crédito y Caución and Iberinform, practically 100% of the companies that apply late payment interest claim below those they they legally belong to you.


Collection management

What interest rate applies?

The study addresses the collection management methodologies used by companies. The effectiveness of B2B collection outsourcing is concentrated in law firms (26% of companies), followed by comprehensive collection companies (7%). The uses of arbitration (4%), telephone collection (3%) or characterized characters (1%) is very limited.



Source: Iberinform

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