Iberinform launches Online Whistleblower Channel in partnership with technology company PEPData

Iberinform, in partnership with PEPData, launches an online Whistleblower Channel that allows

companies and other obligated organizations to comply with anti-corruption legislation and protection

against money laundering and terrorist financing, in an anonymously and securely way.


September 15, 2022. Iberinform


Iberinform, in partnership with the technology company PEPData, launched a new online Whistleblower

Channel, which allows companies and other obliged entities to comply with the requirements imposed by

anti-corruption legislation such as: prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing and the

requirements of the EU on the protection of whistleblowers.


Through the new service, available on the PEPData platform or on the Iberinform website

(www.iberinform.pt), employees of companies included in the legal requirements can report situations of

corruption, prejudice, violence, abuse of power, money laundering or financing of terrorism, with complete

confidentiality and security.


Several entities are required by law to have a Whistleblower Channel among their compliance solutions.

This requirement is established by the European Directive 2019/1937 for all companies who have “50 or

more workers”, while the European Directive 2015/849 also determines that all companies required to

comply with the law to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing are also required “to have in place

appropriate procedures for their employees, or persons in a comparable position, to report breaches

internally through a specific, independent and anonymous channel”.


Faced with all these requirements, PEPData has developed an easy-to-use tool that complies with all legal

requirements. The new Whistleblower Channel can have an internal management, in which complaints are

sent to a person in charge within the organization itself, or an external one, totally independent, in which

complaints are sent to a multidisciplinary team of lawyers, external to the organization. In this case, the

new Whistleblower Channel works in partnership with SPASS-Sociedade de Advogados.


Iberinform and PEPData offer the Internal Whistleblower Channel to all companies that register on the

platform until October 31 and a 50% discount to companies that purchase the External Whistleblower

Channel, for one year.



Source: PEPData

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