The purpose of this notice is to inform you of the new data deliveries we have added since January and what we are adding in the future month.


WHAT IS NEW January – March 2022



Bangladesh - Our coverage is now 223,000 registered companies following the load of registered company information.

All listed companies are being loaded with full financial statements links to ownership over 3% and subsidiaries and investments worldwide.


Philippines - The load of registered companies and partnerships from the SEC is now completed with 727,000 in total.


Botswana - we have commenced loading registered business names - and in the current month have loaded some 46,000. The total expected is over 260,000 entities, and the total, including registered companies, will be over 440,000.


United Arab Emirates - The load of businesses registered in the National Economic Register has been completed in the month with 567,000 companies now available. These include entities with Name, Identification, Legal Form, Licence numbers and expiry dates of the licences, also Status, and includes Free Zone Companies and Operating Branches. An active licence is extremely important to the existence of a business.


On going loads

Official Registries and Official Gazettes


British Virgin Islands - The loading of entities with Registry Number, Name, Legal Form and registrations for the Gazettes, the total of companies is now over 417,000.


Germany - Initial loads are completed and we have loaded over 2.4 million entities registered in the company register in Germany. Ongoing are daily updates for new company registrations, as well as mutations and inactivations.


Malaysia - Identification records for over 93,000 entities have been added, bringing the current total to 1,8 million registered entities.


United Kingdom - We have commenced in the month, loads of records from Companies House. At the moment we have over 3,500,000 entities. The main purpose of this exercise is to enhance cross border ownership linkages.


Tanzania - Maintenance of daily updates on the company register, and new incorporations.


Ethiopia - VAT and Licence data is now being loaded on a regular basis. In the month there were 4,839 new entities loaded. Total now 35,887

To further support cross border ownership linkages we are including extensive country loads in European countries such as Luxembourg, Netherlands, Germany, Italy and France.


Smaller Country loads

In the continuing work to meet the ever-increasing interest in company information including ownership links in smaller countries, we are reporting monthly the increases:


Answer to client requests:


Country Gazettes


British Virgin Islands - Loading of entities with Registry Number, Name, Legal Form and registrations for the Gazettes, the total of companies is now over 419,000.


Hong Kong - There were 274 published notices of Public Notices from the Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Gazette.


Indonesia Gazette - Berita Negara

We have updated 3,252 entries of companies going into liquidation and bankruptcy in February.


Singapore - A monthly “Strike Off” List with 4,995 entries published by the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority.


Switzerland - Notices by SOGC, based on the daily filings in the Swiss Commercial Registry with 4,313 records.


United States of America - Data from Bankruptcy lists increased by 583 records in the month.


Cayman Islands - Commercial Notices from the Gazette of the Cayman Islands Government. The total number of entities is now over 217,000.


Seychelles - The publications in the Seychelles Gazettes give information on International Business Companies (IBC) which is not easily available otherwise. The total number of entities is now over 39,000, including domestic entities.




NEW - Projects and DataLoads


Mexico - We have commenced the load of over 600,000 entities with Name, Identification, Tax numbers (RFC), Legal Form and Status.


Oman - We have commenced preparation on collection of the company register.


Namibia - we are commencing processes for regular updates in April 2022


Smaller Country loads Ongoing Loads


Cuba, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Libya, Republic of Congo, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan and Togo.


Financial statement loads in various countries


Our desks are coordinated in various countries to increase the number of full data research, including latest financials available on entities as they become available. Ghana, Pakistan and Tanzania.

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