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The race to build data centres in Southeast Asia
Economy · 24. May 2024
In 2023, dozens of tech companies and cloud service providers announced plans to build and operate new data centres in Southeast Asia.

Worldbox Business Intelligence Risk Rating - Singapore
Economy · 02. February 2024
Singapore is one of Southeast Asia’s most stable and prosperous countries. The electoral and legal framework allows for some political pluralism, but constrains the activities of opposition parties and limits freedoms of expression, assembly, and association.

New special economic zone in Malaysia to power growth and economic integration with Singapore
Economy · 23. January 2024
The agreement between Malaysia and Singapore to establish a special economic zone (SEZ) in Malaysia’s Johor state, which lies across the Johor Strait from Singapore, could help turbocharge growth on both sides of the border, argues Adrian Ashurst, CEO of Worldbox Intelligence.

China’s economic problems create challenges and opportunities for Southeast Asia
Economy · 06. December 2023
The economic rise of China over the past four decades has influenced every corner of the globe. Today, China faces severe challenges that threaten a prolonged slowdown and could disrupt political stability within the country.

The environmental problems facing Southeast Asia
Economy · 26. July 2023
Environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues are becoming increasingly important to companies, investors and consumers in Southeast Asia. That is why we are now including an ESG score and section in our quarterly reports. We are also publishing three articles looking at each aspect of ESG. Adrian Ashurst, CEO of Worldbox Intelligence, kicks off by looking at the latest trends in terms of the environment.

Worldbox Business Intelligence Risk Rating - The Philippines
Country report · 21. June 2023
One of the most dynamic economies in the region, the Philippines was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, but growth is now recovering strongly.

Indonesia: Southeast Asia’s growing superpower?
Economy · 20. April 2023
Indonesia, already ASEAN’s largest economy, is likely to account for an increasing proportion of the region’s GDP over the coming decade as the resource-based economy industrialises, argues Adrian Ashurst, CEO of Worldbox Intelligence.

Securing Southeast Asia’s energy future
Economy · 28. March 2023
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has put the issue of energy security firmly on the agenda. So just how secure are Southeast Asia’s energy supplies, asks Adrian Ashurst, CEO of Worldbox Business Intelligence.

Worldbox Business Intelligence Risk Rating - Myanmar
Country report · 07. March 2023
The military’s grip on the country appears under serious threat for the first time since it took control of the country in 1962

Worldbox Business Intelligence Risk Rating - Singapore (January 2023)
Economy · 17. January 2023
Singapore remains one of the most stable countries in the world.

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