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WHAT IS NEW December 2021


Bangladesh - Our coverage increased to over 161,000 registered companies with the load of registered company information.

All listed companies are being loaded with full financial statements links to ownership over 3% and subsidiaries and investments worldwide.


Kenya - It is considered the economic and commercial hub of East Africa. Has a domestic market of over 50 million people with a young, growing and educated English-speaking population with a high fluency in technology.

The total of companies loaded is now over 106,000.


Ongoing loads


British Virgin Islands - The loading of entities with Registry Number, Name, Legal Form and registrations for the Gazettes, the total of companies is now over 406,000.


Germany - We have loaded so far 2.3 million entities registered in the company register in Germany. This includes all companies removed from the register in the last 5 years. The original plan was to load all companies. However, in discussions with clients, the feedback is that there is no real benefit in loading older deletions from the register, the emphasis must be on current active companies and new registrations. New company registrations will be loaded daily, as well as mutations and inactivations.


Smaller Country loads

In the continuing work to meet the ever-increasing interest in company information including ownership links in smaller countries, we are reporting monthly the increases:


Angola - Expected to return to growth, at least 3%, this year after a five-year recession. The total companies available is now over 14,500.


Ivory Coast - Expected economic growth of 7.1% in 2022, up from 6.5% in 2021. The total of companies available is now over 23,600.


Financial statement loads in various countries


We have organised with our desks in various countries to increase the number of financial statements on entities as they become available.


Monthly loads for:





Country Gazettes

Legal Notices for:


British Virgin Islands

A total of 421 published notes containing Liquidations/Struck off and other Notices: Statutory - Company Notices Statutory - Other Notices Commercial - Appointment of Liquidator Commercial - Struck off Notices Commercial - Other Liquidation Notices Commercial - Other Commercial Notices


Hong Kong

There were 64 published notices of Public Notices from the Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Gazette.


The following chapters of Supplement 6 are covered: Special Resolutions Notice to Creditors Final Meetings Notice of appointment of Liquidator Annual Final Meeting


Indonesia Gazette - Berita Negara

We have updated 2,758 entries of companies going into liquidation and bankruptcy in the month.



A monthly “Strike Off” List with 396 entries published by the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority.



Notices by SOGC, based on the daily filings in the Swiss Commercial Registry with 11,217 records.


The following Types of Notices are available: New Registrations / Incorporation Mutations Liquidations Cancellations Commercial - Other Commercial Notices


United States of America

Data from Bankruptcy lists increased by 1,351 records in the month, which reflects both increasing activity; however, also a number of companies emerging from bankruptcy following either agreements with creditors or sale of businesses.


The following Chapters of the Bankruptcy Code are covered: Chapter 7: Liquidation Chapter 9: Reorganization for municipalities Chapter 11: Reorganization businesses and individuals Chapter 12: Reorganization family farmers and fishermen Chapter 15: Cross-border insolvency, foreign Companies with U.S. debts




News Item


Botswana - Load of approximately 180,000 entities with Registry Number, Name, Legal Form and Status is presently in progress.


Kenya - Load of approximately 72,000 entities with Registry Number, Name, Legal Form and Status.


Philippines - The Philippine economy was one of the world’s best performers, with an average growth rate of 6.6% from 2012 to 2019; contracted by 9.6% in 2020. Economy grew by 11.8 percent in the second quarter of 2021, exiting a five-quarter pandemic-induced recession.


The total of companies available is now over 79,000.


Work is commencing in January and expected total load of identified entities from the SEC Company register is over 500,000.



Source: Worldbox

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