US Tech calls on focused measures on the DSA while some Member States pledge for European Data Sovereignty

In a letter unveiled on March 3, the US Tech representative organisation CCIA is urging the European Parliament and Member States to focus on getting a global European approach in the DSA, rather than national initiatives. The paper states that online illegalities must be addressed rigorously regardless of the size of the service they happen on. Having a specific regime only for ‘very large online platforms will just encourage rogue players to prey on services subject to fewer requirements. It urges the DSA to apply EU-wide and provide clarity for all online intermediaries.


Almost at the same time, four EU Member States- Germany, Denmark, Estonia and Finland-   have published an open letter to the European Commission pledging for a new worldwide initiative on platform regulation based on the Digital Services Act an Digital Markets Act. In their joint letter, they’re calling on the European Commission to identify critical technologies where the dependencies and shortcomings in European digital capacities, skills and technologies have become more apparent and to allow Europe to be digitally sovereign, by fostering the Digital Single Market in all its dimensions where innovation can thrive and data flow freely.


This debate on EU data sovereignty and platforms regulation also comes at the same time than the debate on EU Data Governance initiated by the European Commission proposal which is now under examination at the Council and the European Parliament.


FEBIS and ACCIS have written a joint paper on the initiative on EU Data Governance and are holding a joint webinar with the European Commission on the issue on March 9th, 2021, outlining how important enabling data flows is for the business information sector.


Source: FEBIS


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