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Trilogue on Artificial Intelligence Act
EU Newsletter · 07. December 2023
On 6 December, the last round of interinstitutional negotiations on the proposal for a regulation on artificial intelligence (AI Act) took place. However, due to the differences between the European Parliament and, the provisional political agreement was not reached.

MEPs are still working to find compromises on corporate due diligence EU rules before key vote in Legal Affairs Committee
EU Newsletter · 13. April 2023
EU lawmakers in the JURI committee of the European Parliament are expected to vote on their position on the proposed corporate accountability rules on April 25th, but some key points still remain to be unlocked.

Council adopts its position and its negotiating mandate on EU law on criminal finances
EU Newsletter · 30. March 2023
This proposal regulates the access by law-enforcement and competent authorities (FIUs) to information about the identity of bank-account holders contained in national centralised registries.

US Tech calls on focused measures on the DSA while some Member States pledge for European Data Sovereignty
FEBIS · 08. March 2021
In a letter unveiled on March 3, the US Tech representative organisation CCIA is urging the European Parliament and Member States to focus on getting a global European approach in the DSA, rather than national initiatives.