FEBIS welcomes LifeShield Capital Plus as a new Member

Founded in Accra, Ghana on the 8th of February 2018 by Derrick Lawson, LifeShield Capital Plus LLC is a group of professionals offering Financial, International and Domestic Credit Reporting Services, Debt Recovery Services, Risk Management, Business Advisory and Information Services, Asset Management, and Trade Finance Advisory services as our core competences.


With representation across all major cities across the country, and in some neighbouring Countries such as Togo, Benin and a few ECOWAS Countries, the network and the expertise that LifeShield Capital Plus LLC has established so far is unrivalled.


LifeShield Capital Plus LLC has a network of branches across all the major cities in the country, that provides expert, efficient, effective and reliable financial and credit management services.


LifeShield Capital Plus LLC offers a national coverage and we are professional consolidators of business information reports so in that sense we can satisfy your Requirements for quality business information reports across the country and at very competitive prices.


At LifeShield Capital Plus LLC, we follow proven principals of actions and negotiations, keeping close contact and communication with our clients and debtors in the debt recovery department. We possess the ability to analyse financial statements, evaluate genuine financial standings to ascertain risk levels and also able to identify problems and stalling excuses for non-payments. We are able to arrange for field visits and face to face meetings quickly and easily due to our professional and pragmatic way of communicating with the parties and that is an integral part of our effective collection initiative as well.


Our strong ethical foundations ensure that confidentiality is attained, and all Non-Disclosure matters are well managed, to protect our partners and business affiliates and this is our basic competency and first priority.


Mission Statement:


Our Mission is to maintain and develop long standing relationships worldwide, and to be trustworthy and reliable alternative to the long-established market leaders in the Risk Management, Trade Credit, Debt Recovery and Business information industries.


Vision Statement:


Our Vision is to become the most reliable and professional 'niche' service providers in the Trade and Finance industry.


Services Provided:

  • International and Domestic Credit Reporting Services
  • Debt Recovery Services
  • Risk Management
  • Business Advisory and Information Services
  • Asset Management
  • Trade Finance Advisory Services
  • Trade and Financial Consultancy Services



Source: LifeShield Capital Plus LLC

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