ESAP- Adoption of the report on ESAP by the EP ECON Committee

The Economic Committee of the European Parliament has recently adopted its report of the proposal on the European Single Access Point which aims at putting in place a central access point for financial and non-financial information on companies.


The text has been adopted by the Economic Committee of the European Parliament and will now need to be adopted in the next plenary session.


Some of the key points put forward by the European Parliament concern the scope of  ESAP, in particular, it is specified in art.1 that, if possible, ESAP shall provide access to info submitted before 1 January 2025.


Also, regarding fees, free of charge access remains for single users whereas intensive users such as business information providers will have to pay a fee. ESMA may charge fees for specific maintenance services, in addition  to fees for search/download of large volumes of information , in particular if such is of commercial relevance and re-use of data (art. 8).


Finally, regarding the access, ESMA shall ensure that ESAP is accessible at least 97% of the time per month.


More information and the link to the adopted text is available here

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