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Easier access to corporate information for investors: Council agrees its position on a single access platform
EU Newsletter · 30. June 2022
Council agreed its position on the European single access point (ESAP) proposal, which is part of the Capital Markets Union (CMU) package.

Digital Finance: EU Commission strategy paves the way for modern and streamlined supervisory data reporting
EU Newsletter · 16. December 2021
This strategy will contribute directly to the objectives of the European Data Strategy and the Digital Finance package to promote digital innovation in Europe

FEBIS Regulatory Committee starts 2021 with a dense program of EU issues
EU Newsletter · 01. February 2021
FEBIS Regulatory Committee, which is open to all FEBIS members, has already started 2021 with a very dense agenda program on the EU & Regulatory front. During calls held every fortnight, FEBIS Regulatory Committee members agreed on a number of key Roadmap issues on which they will concentrate for the first part of 2021 and also reacted to a never-ending intense EU legislative production.