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PT CRIF Study: 2021 postponement of debt payment obligations (PKPU) in Indonesia
Economy · 09. February 2022
Average increase of Postponement of Debt Payment Obligations (PKPU) in Indonesia in the last 3 years was about 30%. In 2021 was 9.55%, underlying instability of Indonesian economy, even if improving.

Economy · 18. June 2021
The expiry of coronavirus state aid may mean bankruptcy for many companies from the middle of the year. The strict liability of entrepreneurs is an often-underestimated danger with personal consequences.

Economy · 09. June 2021
Private insolvencies in Germany jumped in the 1st quarter of 2021.

CRIF announces the integration of SkyMinder® with the platform
Economy · 24. May 2021
CRIF today announced that users will now access their SkyMinder® services directly from the platform. SkyMinder® is the CRIF B2B risk information platform further enabling international trade for corporate companies and banks worldwide.

CRIFBÜRGEL: Insolvency risk in the travel industry
Economy · 26. February 2021
In the Corona crisis, travel agencies and tour operators are among the hardest hit industries in Germany. In June 2020, 85% of the travel agencies and tour operators surveyed saw their existence threatened.

Economy · 17. November 2020
In third quarter 2020 payments on-time in Italian Public Administration* has improved of 2.9% versus end 2019 with a 0,5% decrease for strong delays (more than 30 days). This is underlined by a Payment Study released by CRIF (30 September update). Payments done at expiring date in Public Administration are below average of…

Economy · 03. November 2020
In the last few quarters, there had been a very significant decline in growth starting in early 2020. Based on Statistics Indonesia (BPS) 2020, Indonesia’s economic growth has declined to 2.97% (y-o-y). It deteriorates in line with the COVID-19 pandemic, which hampers all economic activities in Indonesia and the world. Actually, at the beginning of 2020, the economic recovery began to…

Members News · 30. October 2020
CRIF - a global company specializing in credit bureau, business information, and credit solutions - is ranked #52 on the 2020 IDC FinTech Rankings. This 17th annual vendor ranking represents the leading hardware, software and service providers to the….

Economy · 15. September 2020
Starting 30 June 2020, is reported a negative economic impact of the Covid-19 emergency on the punctuality of payments of companies: the companies that pay the suppliers with serious delay (beyond the 30 days) are 11,8%. an increase compared to the first quarter of 2020 (10.6%) and substantially similar to that of a year ago (11.6%). Information underlined by a study done by CRIF considering data related to first half of 2020. However, there is some slight improvement, especially for...

Economy · 21. July 2020
Among the most resilient sectors (Top) are the Pharmaceutical, TLC, ICT and Media, Chemical, and Consultancy sectors. Among the most affected (Bottom) are the Tourism/Leisure, Motor Vehicle Trade, Mining/Oil & Gas, Civil Engineering, and Construction sectors. The expected rebound in 2021 will allow a recovery in turnover and margins, but not enough to return to pre-crisis levels. In order to investigate the economic and financial effects of the COVID-19 emergency on businesses, CRIF has...