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EU Commission publishes the EU Data Act and a Staff Working Document on EU Data Spaces
EU Newsletter · 24. February 2022
This Data Act is a horizontal regulation which will be completed by sectoral regulation if needed. The aim of this regulation is to foster a fair access to EU data and to foster and boost data sharing in particular for industrial data. The Data Act proposes to increase data sharing possibilities between businesses (B2B) but also between businesses and governments (B2G)

Digital Finance: EU Commission strategy paves the way for modern and streamlined supervisory data reporting
EU Newsletter · 16. December 2021
This strategy will contribute directly to the objectives of the European Data Strategy and the Digital Finance package to promote digital innovation in Europe

European Parliament IMCO Committee adopts its opinion report on the EU Data Strategy
EU Newsletter · 15. January 2021
On 11 January 2021, the EP Internal Market and Consumer Protection (IMCO) Committee adopted the opinion report from MEP Christel Schaldemose with all compromise amendments adopted. It calls for more precise criteria on data altruism when it is done for general interest, and on B2B (business to business) and B2G (business to governments) data sharing.

FEBIS · 03. December 2020
The joint paper FEBIS and ACCIS completed welcoming the Vision for Data released by the European Commission was communicated to the Head of Units at DG Grow, DG FISMA and...

FEBIS · 02. June 2020
Febis Regulatory Committee has worked over the past weeks on a submission to the EU consultation on the EU Data Strategy unveiled by the Commission early 2020. In this submission paper, Febis insists on major points that are of great importance for credit and business information providers in terms of data access, data quality, fair competition, and technological adaptation. The paper thus outlines the need to foster access to data and the need not only to invest in data infrastructures , but...

Strategic alliances · 14. April 2020
Dear Members, As published and informed in February, FEBIS and ACCIS signed a MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) in order to create a framework for co-operation. As established in the document signed by both associations, the areas of collaboration would be centred on Regulatory affairs, European affairs, affairs in relation to the International Committee of Credit Reporting - where both organisations are members - and any other matters commonly agreed. As part of the development of this...

EU Newsletter · 27. March 2020
SPOTLIGHT OF THE MONTH The European Commission unveiled mid-February 2020 its long -awaited EU Data Strategy, together with the expected plan on Artificial Intelligence. Both proposals insist on the importance of enabling better data access and data sharing, not only regarding public sector data (PSI or G2B) but also about private data sharing with public bodies (B2G) or between businesses themselves (B2B).