FEBIS comments on the consultation on the EU Data Strategy


Febis Regulatory Committee has worked over the past weeks on a submission to the EU consultation on the EU Data Strategy unveiled by the Commission early 2020. In this submission paper, Febis insists on major points that are of great importance for credit and business information providers in terms of data access, data quality, fair competition, and technological adaptation.


The paper thus outlines the need to foster access to data and the need not only to invest in data infrastructures , but also to make sure that data can be accessed on a European level without cross-border restrictions or contradictory legislations.


It also stresses that in economic turmoil times, getting better business identification can help prevent cascade liquidations, not only for registered companies but also for  sole entrepreneurs and individuals acting in their business capacity.


On Open Data, it emphasizes that the Open Data Directive ensures company and company ownership information should be available as HVD, this should be put in place and licenses or terms of use should not be used to restrict it. If there is a license, there should be no additional terms of use contradicting or limiting some points of the license. Rights and duties of the reuser should be clear and precise, easily understandable in plain language.

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