FEBIS participation in the ICCR (International Committee on Credit Report) Plenary Meeting


On 3rd and 4th November 2022, Luis Carmona and Mark Preston, the two FEBIS Vice-Presidents attended the ICCR Plenary Meeting in Washington DC.


ICCR is the International Committee on Credit Reporting, part of the World Bank Group, and FEBIS is a member of this important Committee.


This was the first year that the Committee had been able to meet in person following the COVID-19 pandemic. Topics covered included Open and Alternative Data with excellent contributions from India and the USA. During the discussion on “Over-indebtedness” where it was revealed that global household debt had becoming overextended in 58% of global households, it was suggested by Luis and Mark that the focus, currently limited to consumers, should be extended to include micro businesses which the ICCR Committee agreed to do.


There was an excellent presentation by Marco Pretti, CEO of CRIF, a FEBIS member, in respect of ESG, which highlighted the increasing demand for information and solutions in the area of Environmental, Social and Governance Data. CRIF’s solution was highly innovative and the topic is one which ICCR members and World Bank agreed was highly important for the future.


The meeting concluded on the second day with a series of expert panel discussions centered around cross border credit information sharing in “facilitating financial inclusion of refugees”, a topic highlighted in Europe by the Russia/Ukraine conflict.



Source: FEBIS

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