Worldbox South East Asia Country Risk Reports

Worldbox, the Swiss business intelligence provider, is publishing a quarterly country risk report service, initially focusing on 10 South East Asian economies which have shown considerable growth in recent years and are continuing to contribute to other global economies.


There has never been a better time to examine business sentiment around risk and resilience. We have just come through an unprecedented time, and business leaders have been left needing more. In a series of reports, we are sharing insights into how a variety of risks should be assessed within four key categories:


Technology The threat of disruption, failure to keep pace with changing technology, cyber risk and IP risk.


Business Supply chain instability, business interruption and reputational risk.


Political & Economic Strikes and civil disruption, changes in legislation and regulation (Privacy Laws), economic uncertainty and Trade Disputes


Environmental Climate change and associated catastrophic risks, environmental damage, pandemic risk, the need for companies to do their part


The reports, issued quarterly, allow businesses to easily assess and monitor the risks they face operating in the region. The countries covered are: Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, The Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

In light of economic growth, rising affluence and booming consumer demand, many international businesses are seeking to capitalise on the growth in South East Asia’s markets. With rising labour costs in the more historical manufacturing countries and the changes in China these are creating opportunities for global businesses to capitalise on the growing demand in these markets.


The service compliments Worldbox’s unique ability to provide information on companies around the globe, including those businesses located in jurisdictions where it is virtually impossible to gather data using traditional sources. Worldbox adds value drawing from it’s longevity in the industry and continuous drive in investing in IT development.

About Worldbox Business Intelligence

An independent service, Worldbox Business Intelligence provides online company credit reports, company profiles, company ownership and management reports, legal status and history details, as well as financial and other business information on more than 50 million companies worldwide, covering all emerging and major markets.


Worldbox was founded in the 1980s, with the vision to become a global business provider. Its ability to deliver data in multiple languages in a standard format has strengthened its brand.


Source: Worldbox

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