Information service provider positions itself as partner for digital customer journey management


  • CRIFBÜRGEL to be renamed CRIF
  • Renaming a logical consequence of the expanded solution portfolio
  • Focus on identification, credit risk and fraud management relating to consumers and companies.

Information service provider CRIFBÜRGEL is changing its name: the company will operate under the shorter name CRIF.


Founded in 2016 from the merger of Bürgel Wirtschaftsinformationen, a company with a track record of more than 130 years, and Deltavista, a specialist for risk management solutions, CRIFBÜRGEL has refocused its service portfolio in recent years and launched numerous innovations on the market. The time was therefore right to redefine the company’s positioning, and changing the company name was the logical consequence. This aligns the name of the operating base in Germany more closely with the globally operating group and for the first time creates a uniform brand for the entire DACH region together with the locations in Austria and Switzerland.


“When it comes to information services, it is becoming increasingly important to think and work across borders. With the new name, we are clearly demonstrating that we have the necessary networking capabilities to do this,” explains CRIF GmbH managing director Dr Frank Schlein. “We are using this step as an opportunity to reposition ourselves as a partner for end-to-end digital customer journey management with the help of integrated B2B2C identification, credit risk and fraud prevention solutions from a single source.”


In the future, CRIF in Germany will take an even more integrated approach to identification, credit risk and fraud management with the aim to create a holistic customer experience along the entire customer journey. Information on private individuals and corporate customers is made available in a flexibly combinable range of services. Through an actively practised ecosystem approach, the solution portfolio is enhanced by first-class services from external partners and service providers. Instead of multiple interfaces, all platforms are integrated into a common user space with the help of so-called APIs. Furthermore, greater emphasis is given to the analytical expertise and personal advisory services provided by CRIF experts. “With this offering, it is our aim to associate our new name from the outset with an exceptional range of services,” Dr Schlein says, describing the background to the strategy. “CRIF is the only service provider on the German market currently able to offer this combined added value from a single source.”


This positioning is underscored by the many innovations CRIF has launched on the market in the past two years in particular, whether in the area of digital onboarding, open banking, compliance or ESG. A large number of new customers in this highly competitive market confirm that the solutions offer the right answers to the current challenges faced by corporates and financial institutions.


"Despite the pandemic, CRIF has accelerated the expansion both of its traditional suite of information solutions and of its range of innovative services. In this regard, the considerable investments made over the years  to develop advanced digital and open banking solutions and to diversify activities on a global level are enabling us to consolidate our positioning - commented Carlo Gherardi, CEO of CRIF -  Moreover, in addition to the acquisition and partnership program that over the years allowed the company to develop its ecosystem of innovative end-to-end solutions, in the last year CRIF launched an ambitious start-up acceleration project aimed at developing synergies with FinTech and InsurTech businesses in a number of countries, including Germany. Thanks to this strategy and the strong commitment to serving the financial industry through a data-driven approach, state-of-the-art technology, and a strong propensity for innovation, for the ninth consecutive year CRIF has been included in the prestigious top 100 IDC FinTech Ranking on a global level”.


Source: CRIF

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