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Members News · 04. November 2021
Information service provider positions itself as partner for digital customer journey management - CRIFBÜRGEL to be renamed CRIF - Renaming a logical consequence of the expanded solution portfolio - Focus on identification, credit risk and fraud management relating to consumers and companies

CRIF BÜRGEL Debt Barometer: private insolvencies rise by 50 percent in Germany
Insolvencies · 29. October 2021
Private insolvencies in Germany increased significantly in the first half of 2021. In the first six months of the year, there were 49.9 percent more than in the same 2020

Wirecard and the dangers of weaponising corporate intelligence
Economy · 07. July 2021
The ongoing story of the Wirecard fraud scandal has raised questions around why so many people maintained a collective belief in the German company’s success story for so long.

Economy · 09. June 2021
Private insolvencies in Germany jumped in the 1st quarter of 2021.

CRIF BUERGEL study: Women´s quota  in management positions at 24.6 percent
Economy · 11. March 2021
The quota of women in management positions in Germany is currently 24.6 percent. This is shown by an evaluation published on the occasion of International Women's Day by…

CRIFBÜRGEL: Insolvency risk in the travel industry
Economy · 26. February 2021
In the Corona crisis, travel agencies and tour operators are among the hardest hit industries in Germany. In June 2020, 85% of the travel agencies and tour operators surveyed saw their existence threatened.

EUROPEAN PAYMENT STUDY 2020 - Payment delays of European companies continue to rise.
Economy · 07. February 2021
Following this study, the Average Payment Delay (AMD) in 2020 for 9 European countries in our analysis has worsened because of the effects of COVID-19 crisis on payments.

EU Newsletter · 01. October 2020
EIB Group securitisation will enable Commerzbank to lend up to €500 million to small and mid-sized businesses in Germany in response to COVID-19 The operation is backed by an EFSI guarantee under the Investment Plan for Europe

Economy · 18. June 2020
Companies in Rhineland-Palatinate with the greatest delay in payment There are regional differences in the average late payment. Companies in Rhineland-Palatinate overdraw the payment deadlines the most - on average by 56 days. Companies in Bremen (average delay 45 days) and Hamburg (43 days) also pay bills with a severe delay. The best situation is in Saarland, where companies pay on average 25 days late. The worst payment behaviour is currently evident in the cultural, entertainment and...

Economy · 25. May 2020
After 10 years of decline in corporate insolvencies, the corona crisis will cause significantly more companies in Germany to slide into bankruptcy again in 2020, according to projections by the information service provider CRIFBÜRGEL. Last year, a total of 19,005 companies applied for bankruptcy; the number of insolvencies had therefore fallen for the tenth time in a row in 2019. "For the current year, however, we expect a significant increase at CRIFBÜRGEL. Assuming that the effects of the...

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