Women Presence in Spanish companies

Informa has been carrying out annual studies on Women Presence in Spanish businesses for 14 years.


Our 2021 edition analyses their presence as executives and members of Boards of Directors. Our main conclusions are:

The rate of women in Boards of Directors remains unchanged since 2007 (the Gender Equality Regulation came into force that year establishing that certain companies should have at least 40% women on their boards by 2015). Since 2008 this proportion has remained roughly the same; this year at 13.42%.


25% of all type of companies have 40% women on their boards.

We also monitor the proportion of women on the Boards of Directors in newly incorporated companies; the rate is not improving either, 21.2% in 2020, the lowest figure in the last 5 years.


An important aspect is the evolution of management committees composition as they can be seen as a first step to a seat on Boards of Directors. The number of companies with no female directors continuously reduces with a decrease of 9.87 pp over 11 years; this year it stands at 63.13%.


Human Resources, Advertising, Quality and Marketing are the positions with the highest representation of women; in contrast, we found that general management, technical management and production are the positions with the fewest women representation.


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