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3 In 10 Directors In Ireland Are Female
Economy · 04. October 2023
In Ireland today there are 304,688 active companies trading. From our latest research, this equates to 637,001 directorships. Over the past 23 years, Ireland has witnessed a noteworthy transformation in the composition of directorship positions, particularly concerning gender representation. We thought it would be interesting to look at the statistics around the difference between male and female directorship in Ireland today.

International Women's Day: Women's quota in management positions at 24.1 percent
Economy · 08. March 2022
The quota of women in management positions in Germany is currently 24.1 percent. This is shown by an evaluation published on the occasion of International Women's Day (March 8, 2022) by the information service provider CRIF of just under 2.5 million management positions in 1.2 million companies. In March 2021, the rate was slightly higher at 24.6 percent.

Women Presence in Spanish companies
Economy · 26. March 2021
The rate of women in Boards of Directors remains unchanged since 2007 (the Gender Equality Regulation came into force that year establishing that certain companies should have at least 40% women on their boards by 2015).