FEBIS takes part in the EU Webinar on Late Payments organised by European Commission DG GROW

On November 6, 2020, the DG Grow H1 unit of the European Commission organised a webinar on Late Payments. One of the major aims of this webinar was to help the Commission to assess the scope and data needs for setting up an EU observatory on Late Payments.


After an introduction from the Head of Unit Birgit Weidel, who stressed that the Commission was making efforts to help companies with the crisis and that they were aware that late payments were even more an issue with the COVID-19 19 crisis, she stated that the Commission want to have an ecosystem approach; therefore it is proposing to put in place an EU Observatory of late payments.


The webinar went on with a presentation of the French “Observatoire des délais de paiement” followed by a presentation from the EU observatory of the construction sector (ECSO) and the presentation of an EC study to know more about the unfair trading practices in the agri-food sector.

After these presentations, 3 working groups were organized: one on the scope of the EU observatory, a second one on data validation and a third one on data supply and maintenance.


FEBIS was represented in the 3 working groups, where it drew attention to the role of business information providers, the importance of business information and of trade credit in helping to fight late payments. 


Source: FEBIS

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