EDPS suggests including a complete ban on targeted advertising in the DSA

European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) Wojciech Wiewiórowski has called for a ban on targeted advertising to better protect individuals. In a released statement, Wiewiórowski suggested the move as part of the largest reform to digital services in around two decades.


The Digital Services Act and the Digital Markets Act seek to provide a safe and transparent online environment, and the EDPS believes there should be “additional measures” to protect individuals online.


Wiewiórowski said he “welcomes” the European Commission’s proposal that seeks to “promote fair and open digital markets” and the “fair processing of personal data” by regulating large online platforms acting as gatekeepers.  However, the EDPS says that legislators should consider including a ban on online targeted advertising that relies on “pervasive tracking” and “restrict the categories of data that can be processed for such advertising methods”.


A complete ban would be a major blow to internet giants like Google and Facebook who rely heavily on targeted advertising for revenue. Tech giants are seen to be holding too much power over user data and wielding tools such as targeted advertising for their own means with impunity.

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