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The Commission adopts the European Sustainability Reporting Standards
EU Newsletter · 01. August 2023
The standards cover the full range of environmental, social, and governance issues, including climate change, biodiversity and human rights.

FEBIS participates in the EFRAG conference on “Where is corporate reporting heading”
FEBIS · 14. December 2022
This event leaned on valuable insights on corporate reporting and challenges and opportunities lying ahead, especially with the fresh adoption of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), in November 2022 which will make businesses more publicly accountable by obliging them to regularly disclose information on their societal and environmental impact.

Council formally adopts the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive
EU Newsletter · 29. November 2022
On 28th November 2022, the Council formally adopted the latest version of the compromise found with the European Parliament and the European Commission on the proposal for a Directive on Corporate Sustainability Reporting ( CSRD).

​EFRAG calls for tenders to outsource the development of the XBRL taxonomy of the first set of European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS)
EU Newsletter · 28. September 2022
​The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) requires the adoption of EU Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) to be developed by EFRAG.

Non-financial reporting
EU Newsletter · 22. July 2021
FEBIS provided a comments paper on the new Corporate Sustainability Reporting directive proposal.

EFRAG publishes its reports on the revision of the Non-Financial Reporting Directive
EU Newsletter · 15. March 2021
Both reports recognise the importance of coordinating the development of EU sustainability reporting standards with existing and emerging global initiatives.

FEBIS Regulatory Committee starts 2021 with a dense program of EU issues
EU Newsletter · 01. February 2021
FEBIS Regulatory Committee, which is open to all FEBIS members, has already started 2021 with a very dense agenda program on the EU & Regulatory front. During calls held every fortnight, FEBIS Regulatory Committee members agreed on a number of key Roadmap issues on which they will concentrate for the first part of 2021 and also reacted to a never-ending intense EU legislative production.