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The Jab Market – Covid vaccines and the private sector in the MEA region
Economy · 16. June 2021
During the Covid pandemic many countries have seen private sector organisations lending their support to address the crisis. From alcohol companies switching to make hand sanitiser, to manufacturing companies re-tooling production lines for...

Irish Start-ups Hit Four-Year Low but Q4 2020 Sees Promising Recovery
Economy · 28. January 2021
Ireland's new company start-up levels reached their lowest point in four years in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, according to the latest figures from the CRIFVision-net Annual Review.

Spanish Business Demographics in 2020
Economy · 26. January 2021
The health crisis caused by COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the Spanish business demographics of 2020. As a consequence, the key indicators used in this study recorded atypical levels.

More than ever, it is important to keep a positive attitude! Infobis, one of our members in Turkey shares with us an important message about this.
Members News · 12. January 2021
First of all, we wish the new year of the FEBIS family and all its members to be full of health and success. Covid-19 has begun to affect economic activities with the channels of foreign trade, tourism and domestic demand from mid-March in Turkey and the effects were deepened and reflected to the overall economy in April, as in the whole world.

Economy · 26. November 2020
In the context of Covid-19, consumers and businesses in Asia-Pacific have resorted to digital payments through contactless payment solutions on mobile applications. Visa's recent survey shows that the majority of Asia-Pacific consumers (55%) are likely to…

Economy · 25. November 2020
In total, 5,482 new companies were registered in Q3, representing a 3% year-on- year increase, compared to the same period in 2019. Despite this increase, overall start-up figures for year to date are down 12% when compared to…

Economy · 05. November 2020
This pandemic and the restrictions to contain it have achieved what the passing of the years and other crises have failed to do for many century-old and historic bars: their closure. September brought about a 78% increase in the number of bankruptcies in the hotel and catering industry. Furthermore, this loss cannot be compensated for by entrepreneurial activity, which has not only…

FEBIS · 29. October 2020
The release of the European Data Strategy early 2020 immediately faced by the corona virus crisis has gained renewed importance. An economy and society empowered by data will...

Partners · 07. October 2020
COVID-19 IMPACTS ON THE CREDIT & BUSINESS INFORMATION INDUSTRY A cross-section of 22 companies from the credit and business information industry have recently completed a survey to assess the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on their business operations. Except for 2 respondents, the answers come from Europe-based companies.

Economy · 15. September 2020
Starting 30 June 2020, is reported a negative economic impact of the Covid-19 emergency on the punctuality of payments of companies: the companies that pay the suppliers with serious delay (beyond the 30 days) are 11,8%. an increase compared to the first quarter of 2020 (10.6%) and substantially similar to that of a year ago (11.6%). Information underlined by a study done by CRIF considering data related to first half of 2020. However, there is some slight improvement, especially for...

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