More than ever, it is important to keep a positive attitude! Infobis, one of our members in Turkey shares with us an important message about this.





First of all, we wish the new year of the FEBIS family and all its members to be full of health and success.


Covid-19 has begun to affect economic activities with the channels of foreign trade, tourism and domestic demand from mid-March in Turkey and the effects were deepened and reflected to the overall economy in April, as in the whole world.


We regret to say that the number of people who died due to this epidemic is 22.983 in Turkey as of today.


We hope that this epidemic will end as soon as possible, and this process is overcome with the least damage.


We would like to summarize how INFOBIS went through this process as follows:


While this epidemic continued to affect the world and our country, we were worried and in sorrow too. With the idea of "Health is our priority", it was the most important for us to continue our workflow without interruption and to keep our employees safe. In this direction, we first ensured the safety of our employees by isolating them and ensuring that they carry out the workflow in their own environment. And then, during the epidemic process, we have had the advantage of having a technological infrastructure that could continue our business without interruption. Thanks to the investments we have made and our ongoing investments, we are going through this process without any damage.


As Infobis, we did our best with many improvements in 2020 to satisfy our customers in this challenging period, and we got the positive results of all the improvements we made; we closed the year 2020 with a rising momentum. Although it was a difficult year in the economic and social field, and this epidemic affected both our economy and our social life, as Infobis, we focused on the positive aspects of this epidemic; we tried to overcome this process with the different perspectives that this epidemic gave us, and we continue.


We have made available our API service for our customers regarding "access to information", which continues to be important in this process, and we have made it possible for them to access information quickly, in a timely manner. Wherever they are, whatever system they have; We stand by our customers with our flexible services and we continue to do so.


As Infobis, while always maintaining our work in line with reliability and accuracy; Considering the importance of the epidemic and the effects of the epidemic, we also included information about how companies went through this process and how much / in what way they were affected in our research.


Most importantly, by challenging the huge distances caused by the Covid-19 epidemic, we have strengthened our ties with the meetings we held on online platforms and conferences we participated in to eliminate all distances in our customer relations.


With many innovations like these, we took a successful stance in 2020 despite Covid-19.


We hope that the year 2021 will also be full of success and health for everyone.


INFOBIS is always with you …



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