Creditsafe expanding to Austria

Creditsafe brings expertise to the business region

  • Expansion to Austria: Customers can expect an improved product portfolio and higher data quality
  • Concentrated expertise: Cato Syversen, Bart Bass and Jonathan Berger take over the management of Creditsafe Österreich GmbH

Vienna, 29. April 2024: Creditsafe, the world's most used provider of credit and business information, announces the opening of its new entity in Austria. The company provides information in more than 200 countries and territories, helping businesses to comply with international legislation, minimise their financial risk and secure business relationships. Entering into the Austrian market marks a significant milestone in the credit bureau's global growth strategy and underlines its commitment to providing worldclass services to customers worldwide.


Higher data quality, better decisions: Creditsafe expands its comprehensive range of services


The decision to expand to Austria was taken after careful analysis and is based on the strong demand from Creditsafe’s customers for reports from the region. As a central business hub in Europe, it is an ideal opportunity for Creditsafe to expand its reach, while improving the quality of its services. By integrating Austrian company data into Creditsafe's global database, the credit reference agency

increases the depth and breadth of information and validity of Austrian reports. In addition to global company links and internationally standardised risk assessments, customers in Austria and abroad benefit equally from the market leader's comprehensive credit and compliance services.


The improved features include the following: Monitoring can now monitor more data fields on a daily basis, including credit scores and credit limits. This enables customers to identify potential risks at an early stage and take appropriate action to protect themselves from payment defaults or other financial difficulties. The switch to more frequent notifications is another significant improvement, as companies

are now informed in real time about relevant changes in the key figures of their business partners. 

Finally, with access to Data Matching & Enrichment for Austrian companies, users are given the opportunity to expand and update their own database to create a detailed information base. With the integration of data sources and information, Creditsafe customers can now gain an even more comprehensive understanding of the business activities and financial situation of their business partners in Austria. 


Concentrated expertise for Austrian customers: Cato Syversen, Bart Bass and Jonathan Berger become managing directors of the branch office 


The managing directors of the Austrian entity are Cato Syversen, Bart Bass and Jonathan Berger.

Jonathan Berger will lead sales market activities within the region. "We are looking forward to establishing a foothold in Austria, offering our clients high-quality services locally. Our globally proven risk management solutions and the demand for reliable and affordable business information give us great confidence in the success of this new office," says Berger. This year he will build up a sales team in Austria, while Bart Bass will continue to drive operational and strategic development as Managing Director after preparing the market entry.


Considering current economic and regulatory developments, Creditsafe's expansion to Austria emphasises the need for companies to rely on trusted and globally connected data sources to make informed business decisions. With its leading position in the field of business information, Creditsafe offers companies an indispensable resource to mitigate risks and identify growth opportunities. "We are

confident that our extensive expertise and innovative solutions will make a positive contribution to our future corporate clients in Austria", says Bart Bass.

About Creditsafe:

Creditsafe is the most widely used provider of credit information worldwide. It offers digital solutions such as credit

reports, B2B marketing addresses and compliance checks. The company provides information in more than 200

countries and territories, helping companies to position themselves in compliance with international law, mitigate

their financial risk and secure business relationships. In total, the database contains over 430 million datapoints.

Creditsafe is represented in 26 offices across 3 continents and employs over 1,500 people.


Source: Creditsafe

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