Infocredit Group: A New Chapter in Branding

Infocredit Group, a leading provider of business intelligence and regulatory technology (RegTech) solutions, is proud to announce a comprehensive rebranding and a Website redesign focused on enhanced customer experience. This initiative underscores the company's commitment to innovation, excellence, and forward-thinking in the rapidly evolving business solutions sector.


Comprehensive Rebranding and Website Redesign

Infocredit Group's rebranding represents a significant milestone in the company's history, reflecting a renewed commitment to the core values of Excellence, Integrity, Wisdom, Trust and Customer Focus. Introducing a new logo and brand identity marks a pivotal moment, symbolizing the company's dedication to providing balanced and innovative solutions, advancing the success of companies worldwide, and maintaining a relentless pursuit of excellence.


Infocredit Group's rebranding is more than just a visual update; it's a declaration of our ongoing commitment to continue leading with innovation and promoting change within our industry,” stated Theodoros Kringou, Managing Director. “Our new brand identity encapsulates our mission to empower businesses with reliable, cutting-edge information, to make informed decisions confidently and thus setting new benchmarks for success and competitiveness.”


Website Redesign: A Digital Transformation


In tandem with the rebranding, Infocredit Group has unveiled a redesigned website, which serves as a testament to the company's digital transformation strategy. The website features an enhanced user experience with intuitive navigation and a fresh, modern design, incorporating the brand's new colour scheme of Deep Midnight Blue and Cyan. This redesign aligns with the company's motto "Securing Ease of Mind" and aims to be the ultimate hub for clients seeking comprehensive compliance and credit solutions.


“Our redesigned website is not just an extension of our new branding; it's a reflection of our commitment to making business solutions more accessible, secure, and user-friendly,” Mr Kringou added. “We've created a digital platform that meets the evolving needs of our clients, emphasizing our dedication to trust, innovation, and customer-centric service delivery.”


Empowering the Future of Businesses


With these strategic initiatives, Infocredit Group is poised to further enhance its position as a credit and compliance risk solutions industry leader. The rebranding and website redesign are integral to the company's strategy to navigate future challenges and empower businesses with powerful tools to make sound decisions in a rapidly changing environment.


Infocredit Group invites clients, partners, and the business community to explore the new website and join them on this exciting journey towards a future where knowledge and innovation lead to unparalleled success.


About Infocredit Group


Infocredit Group is a leading provider of business intelligence and risk management solutions, including Credit Risk, AML/CTF regulatory compliance, Due Diligence and KYC.


Aiming to help businesses manage their risks emerging from credit exposure and regulatory compliance it offers a range of innovative, cost-effective, API-driven solutions, in affordable and efficient packages.


With a team of experts in the fields of Credit Risk Management, Debt Recovering, Call Center Services, AML/CTF compliance, KYC, Due Diligence, Fraud Prevention, ID Verification, ESG (Environmental, Social Governance) and Vocational Training, offers state-of-the-art customer-oriented solutions that meet the specific risk management needs of any organization.  


With offices in Cyprus, Malta, UK and UAE, with a presence in Greece and Romania, its services and solutions cover the international market for more than 50 years.


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