A Landmark Achievement: Infocredit Group's Joint Venture, Malta Credit Bureau Limited, Licensed as CRA Credit Reference Agency (CRA)

A Landmark Achievement: Infocredit Group's Joint Venture, Malta Credit Bureau Limited, Licensed as CRA Credit Reference Agency (CRA)


 Infocredit Group, in collaboration with the Malta Association of Credit Management, is thrilled to announce that their joint venture, Malta Credit Bureau Limited, has successfully obtained a license to function as a credit reference agency (CRA) in Malta. This momentous achievement marks a new era in the region's credit assessment and risk management.


The license, issued by the Trade Licensing Unit under the authority of the Ministry of Commerce and in collaboration with the Central Bank of Malta, enables Malta Credit Bureau to access data held in the Central Credit Register (CCR). This crucial step facilitates the generation of comprehensive credit scores, serving as indispensable tools for informed lending and risk management strategies.


"Establishing our presence as a CRA in Malta, Malta Credit Bureau Limited views this licensing as a monumental step, and we at Infocredit Group are immensely proud to be a part of this achievement," said Theodoros Kringou, CEO of Infocredit Group. "This underscores our commitment to advancing credit assessment practices and reflects our dedication to facilitating prudent risk management."


Credit reference agencies like Malta Credit Bureau Limited will play a vital role in today's financial landscape by compiling, evaluating, and presenting credit information on individuals and businesses. This rigorous analysis strengthens the overall risk management practices and enables companies to make confident, well-informed decisions about extending credit.


Specializing in credit scoring and offering various ancillary products, Malta Credit Bureau Limited aims to serve the interests of Malta's trade creditors, credit institutions, and financial establishments. Their focus on producing in-depth credit scoring reports that probe into creditworthiness and risk assessment is a testament to the expertise and commitment that Infocredit Group brings to the partnership.


Infocredit Group, a global leader in credit and compliance risk solutions, continues to support this partnership's mission to enhance credit scoring and risk management practices in Malta.


For further inquiries or more information on Infocredit Group, please visit www.infocreditgroup.com or contact them via phone at 22 398 000 or email at info@infocreditgroup.com.


About Infocredit Group:

With a global network of partners, Infocredit Group, www.infocreditgroup.com  is a leading credit and compliance risk solutions provider. Their collaborative efforts with the Malta Association of Credit Management have culminated in establishing Malta Credit Bureau Limited, a pioneering joint venture.


About Malta Credit Bureau Limited:

Malta Credit Bureau Limited specializes in credit scoring and offers various products that cater to the interests of trade creditors, credit institutions, and financial establishments in Malta. Their commitment to robust creditworthiness and risk assessment practices contributes significantly to strengthening risk management within the region. www.mcb.mt



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