The EU Data Act – another step forward



The European Parliament has adopted in plenary session the report from MEP Pilar Del Castillo Vera, by 530 yes and notably 110 abstentions. This adoption of the EP report paves the way for opening up negotiations with the Council of the EU and the Commission- known as trilogues – where all three institutions unlock the remaining contentious points.


In the final Parliament version, MEP have included several amendments, among which a limitation of chapter V on data sharing with public sector only to non-personal data, instead of having pseudonymized data available. For business information providers, fortunately the threatening amendment on article 6 aiming at banning the use of third-party data sharing for several uses including credit scoring had been removed in committee vote. Article 6.2 still tampers the possibilities to use IOT related data for certain types of profiling, and the exact outcome of the article remains to be seen. What is also unclear, and which will constitute a great discussion point in trilogues is the exact scope of the “data” covered by the Data Act, with different sections of the regulation referring to different types of data (personal/non-personal, IOT/general, B2B/B2G/G2B…).


The Council is also on a good track to adopt its formal Common position at one of the next meetings of Permanent Representatives, as the last technical discussion on March 14 saw an agreement on the 6th Compromise paper laid down by the Swedish Presidency. Perm Reps could adopt the text on March 24 and thus a first trilogue discussion may happen already on March 29. 


Click here to see the text of the Data Act adopted by the European Parliament on March 14



Source: EP/EU News

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